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Dear visionary,
In 100 years you probably won’t be living on planet Earth anymore, but you will have made your mark. 2112 isn’t just some far away future, it is a vision with immediate effect on how we choose to live our lives today. It is a literal interpretation of a time that those after us will live to see, a mere human lifetime. Neither sustainability or growth or 2112 is a destination. It’s a journey. We are not the first human beings to design a new and better world, but we may be the last generation to have the chance, and yet there are no real experts. We will have to learn on the way – to live the future while we create it.  
This newsletter is dedicated to introduce our common journey towards a sustainable and preferred future, which began the morning of the 8th June at the Garbage Square in Sydhavnen south of Copenhagen city. If you weren’t one of the 80 “reisende” that got on board that day, you can join us here – and remember that this is just the beginning. Enjoy!

Flemming, Stine, Søren, Steen, Madeleine Kate, Gry, Inga, Tao and Gitte

About the “In 100 years” project
“In 100 years – starting now” is a one year conversation among leading scholars, managers in public and private companies, practicians, futurists and other visionaries about preferred futures for sustainable societies in the long run. The project developed and facilitated by House of Futures and supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION. Read more about the what, how, why and who of this project at and if you’re interested in the purpose, approaches and methodology of the project read this article
Boat trip with Future Mind Tours
Picture from the boat trip
“Dear Reisende, welcome to your Future Mind Tour. We hope that you are all comfortable in your seats. It’s a beautiful day in Copenhagen, and we’re about to enter another time.In this first hour of your day, we will prepare your mind for the journey of “In100years”by taking you through the tunnels of the city, enjoying a necessary fresh breeze and paint brush of imagination, before you start a hard day of mind work.” Watch the moving pictures and listen to the speech from the very special agents
Seven voices
Seven speakers shared their knowledge and visions of sustainable growth of the future from different perspectives. The speakers were futurist Søren Steen Olsen (DK), professor in geology Minik Thorleif Rosing (DK), European director of CASSE Daniel O’Neill (UK), professor in environment economics Peder Andersen (DK), professor in sustainability and transitions Jan Rotmans (NE), professor in leadership Steen Hildebrandt (DK) and futurist Jennifer Jarratt (US).
See all the presentations and speeches from the 8th June here  or read the article “Ligevægtsøkonomi: Vi kan ikke blive ved at betale gælden på Visa-kortet med vort Mastercard” by Jørgen Steen Nielsen from the Danish newspaper Information here (in Danish only)
The long run is vital
The long run is vital to Earth, to mankind and to each of us on a personal level. That was one over-arching conclusion that we came away with from the first Copenhagen Seminar reworking sustainability and growth. This was evident in the speeches which were delivered with passion and which touched on the need for transformation in inner as well as outer structures.
We also saw it in the way the participants engaged in the workshops on the second day of the seminar with enthusiasm, energy and openness. It was remarkable how people from very different disciplines, fields of expertise and of practise were able to work together in a fruitful way. And it infused the responses from participants who had had an experience that gave them new perspectives and food for thought. The fact that many participants after the seminar wanted to change the label they put on the coming century at the start of day 1, testifies to the power of combining a wide variety of perspectives. And the complex challenge of reworking of sustainability and growth demands it.
100 years is a long time, but the next century is starting now, and House of Futures will share and present more results from this seminar on the project website before the next seminar in September.

Video interview with John Fullerton, founder of Capital Institute
House of Futures met with John Fullerton when he visited Copenhagen a week before the first seminar. The assessment by many is that this man knows the marketplace of new economics and finance better than anybody and seems to have his heart in the right place. John has labeled the new economics the 3rd Millennium Economy, and we talked about different aspects of a sustainable economy and how the role of finance must power the transition to such an economy. John spent nearly 20 years at Wall Street, most of them as a senior executive at JP Morgan, before he left for good in 2001. Meet him in this edited 18 minutes interview
Free article: The Next Transformations
We are the survivors. While many cultures collapsed or failed to adapt, we are the descendants of those who did change their energy sources, developed new technology, new economic systems, new lifestyles and new ideas. Hereby we overcame the limitations imposed by the finite natural resources. Read the abstract (in English) or the whole article (in Danish) or find more articles about sustainability, growth and more here
One liners of the month: To me “In 100 years” is …
We asked the participants at the first Copenhagen Seminar “Mind the long run, baby!” to finish the sentence: To me “In 100 years” is … Here are some the one liners:
 To me “In 100 years” is …
-        very chaotic to think about
-        a mind experiment
-        a rare opportunity
-        the beginning of an era of balance
-        ending the search for the one right answer to all our troublesome questions
-        a place that allows us to live with a more tranquil state of mind
-        renewable energy lead by solar
-        a new beginning for ways of understanding and measure well-being and progress
-        an outstanding event of the future
-        a perfect mix of everything and every perspective
-        much more about the “software” than the “hardware”
-        is a spiritual time for humanity 
-        a necessary project 
-        the beginning of something wonderful
Meet the people from House of Futures and hear our one liners here
Thumps up
Our “thumps up” this month go to Jan Rotmans, professor at Erasmus University of Rotterdam, for his pioneering and work in the field of sustainability and transitions. Jan is both personally and professionally engaged in creating a better and more sustainable world. Read about his many doings here

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