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Dear  <<First Name>>

Welcome to the October 2015 edition of your BNI Australia Newsletter. 

Here at BNI HQ we are in the midst of getting ready for a big new year in 2016. A bit early I hear some of you say. Not at all.

Creating a plan that works, up-skilling to be ready, being ‘armed’ with the right knowledge and creating connections that help your business strive – all this takes time to pull together and prepare.

So now’s the time to get ready and finish the year strong: for an even better 12 months ahead. Read on for our tips that will help you make 2016 a truly successful year.

Goooooal! Of 90-Day Plans & Daily Habits

Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s true: important work takes time. But does that mean our planning has to be only long-term as well? 

“No!” says productivity coach Jeff Sanders loudly and clearly in his podcast Forget Annual Goal Setting and Do This Instead.

Sanders argues that breaking down your annual, big goals and actions in three distinct steps will help you achieve better and faster results. Read all about the action steps of creating Grand Goals List, 90-Day Plans and Daily Habit Plans that will help ensure you easily progress each and every day with your most important projects.

8 Must-Reads for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Who’s got the time to read a book these days? Well, most of the busiest and highly successful business leaders do – and all of us need to keep our minds and ideas fresh and keep our finger on the pulse, if we want to stay relevant in business. 

Luckily, we now have the options of audio books, podcasts and e-books along with our trusted old paper friends, so learning on the go is possible. 

In marketing expert Neil Patel’s article The Entrepreneur's Ultimate List of 8 Must-Read Books you’ll find the top picks from the hundred-thousands of titles crowding the internet. Because if you spend time on it, you want it to be the best, most helpful and most interesting!

20 Networking Tips You Never Thought Of

What does it take to get Nobel prize laureates, Olympic athletes and hip-hop artists, into the same room to network – and even cook you dinner? Business Insider talked to Jon Levy who built a network of 400 interesting and impressive people in just five years, and whom he gathers at his house twice a month for talks and dinner.

So this man knows a thing or 20 about successful networking, connecting and nurturing inspiring and mutually beneficial relationship.

From creating memories, via double opt-out intros and not being afraid of making a fool of yourself, let Levy share his highly effective Master Networker’s Top 20 Networking Tips with you.

Three Networking Tips To Grow Your Business

Woody Allen quipped that “80% of success is showing up,” but work ethic, taking risks and sheer determination make up part of the other 20% essential traits and skills for business owners.

Gay Gaddis takes us through the top 3 Networking Tips To Grow Your Business  that took her from regional player to national and international success. 

Have you tried any of them yet?

What are your goals for 2016 – and how are you preparing for them? Do you prefer to read traditional books, or listen to podcasts on the go? Do you have any favourite tips and inspirational books you’d like to tell us about? Share your thoughts and ideas with us – email for a chance to see your comments on our Facebook page or blog.

Until soon, in your next BNI newsletter edition.

Warmest regards,

Frederick Marcoux
National Director BNI Australia

BNI Australia PO Box 298 Hillarys, Western Australia 6923 Australia 
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