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Dear  <<First Name>>

A very Happy New Year to you, your team and your family – and welcome to the first 2016 edition of your BNI Australia Newsletter. I hope you enjoyed a rejuvenating, relaxed and fun break that allowed you to get away from work for a little and recharge fully. 

Coming back to your business, what does 2016 mean to you? What are your dreams, plans and hopes for the year ahead?

To help you start an exciting year full of momentum and success we have gathered some of our favourite motivating networking and business insights. Enjoy!

Explore. Plan. Focus.

Whether it really was Albert Einstein who quipped that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” doesn’t matter. Because whoever coined the phrase was right: if you want to grow, you need to change.

Knowing that so many New Year’s resolutions fall flat on their face within days or weeks, BNI founder Dr Ivan Misner shares three simple and easy-to-stick-to pieces of advice for growth-planning and achieving your targets in his article Make a Resolution You Can Keep for 2016.

QUIZ: Am I A Great Networker?

Are you a good or great networker? is our how-to-guide explaining great networkers’ secrets to reaping success. 

Did you know, for example, that networkers who do exceptionally well:

  • create a plan
  • constantly work to expand their network
  • always go the extra mile
  • become the experts
  • do what others don’t do?

As a result, they don’t need to do much selling, because many people come to them, ready to buy. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The thing is: we all can be excellent networkers that people are drawn to. 

What additional things can you do to become a top networker? … Take the Master Networker Quiz to find out!

Chart Topper: Word-of-Mouth

Referrals – they are the life-blood of our businesses. In How Many Referrals Do You Expect Per Month? research reveals that a majority of business professionals receive as much as 70% of their referrals from word-of-mouth. That’s powerful stuff!

While the number of referrals will vary depending on your profession, there are a number of things you can do to increase them – and your word-of-mouth conversion.  

Extending your collaboration and networking circles are just two things you can do to up your number to about four to five monthly or 50 annual referrals from each single networking group you attend, says Dr Ivan Misner. Find out more here about how you can achieve chart-topping referral numbers for your business.

Bang For Your Buck

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question before … What’s the return on investment of your BNI membership, and what does it depend on? 

Global networking specialist Robyn Henderson helpfully sums up BNI success strategies and tips in her article What does it take to be a successful BNI member?. Bottom line: you’ve got to be active, and consistently so!  

Find out her impactful suggestions for getting the biggest bang for your BNI buck here.

Is January a slow or busy month for you? Is it the period you do your annual planning? What are your 2016 goals and aspirations? I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us – email for a chance to see your comments on our Facebook page or blog.

Until soon, in your next BNI newsletter edition.

Warmest regards,

Frederick Marcoux
National Director BNI Australia

BNI Australia PO Box 298 Hillarys, Western Australia 6923 Australia 
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