Pet-Nat Week Tastings

Pet-Nat Week

July 10th-14th

Vine Wine is pleased to announce the second annual Pet-Nat Week. We had a blast sharing out love of petillant naturels with y'all last year, and are thrilled to pop more pet-nat this summer.

Pet-Nat is a nickname for petillant naturel, a method of producing sparkling wine by bottling the wine during the the primary, alcoholic fermentation to capture the carbon dioxide that is naturally released. This differs from wines like Champagne that undergo a second, bubble-producing fermentation. Pet-nats are made using only the sugar of the grapes and native yeasts, making them a pure reflection of their regions and varieties. But, most important for us, they just taste great, varying from dry and cider-y to happy, alcoholic raspberry soda.

To celebrate this summery bubbly, Vine Wine is hosting a week of complimentary in-store tastings highlighting a range of pet-nats

Selection Massale

Wednesday, July 10
We love the guys at Selection Massale because they truly understand that bigger is better! We'll be sharing our favorite pet-nat magnum, as well as a great value Gamay from Jeremy Quastana.

David Bowler Wine

Thursday, July 11
This tasting is all over the map! We'll start with some Prosecco and move to the Rhone for a Chasselas pet-nat by Eric Texier. To finish, we'll revist one of our oldest pet-nat friends from Olivier Lemasson.

Jenny & Francois

Friday, July 12
France is a hotbed of pet-nat love, and these beauties from the Loire and Southwest exemplify what we love about this style of wine: it can be easy or serious, sweet or dry, but always fun.


Saturday, July 13
Louis/Dressner imports many of the best pet-nats in New York, and they have a great focus on Italian bubbles. These pet-nats hail from Emilia-Romagna, and are amongst the most food-friendly we've tried.

California Pet-Nat

Sunday, July 14
We love our New World wine at Vine, and are so excited to finally have some California pet-nats on the shelf! Two of our favorite producers making our favorite style sparkling wine... It's a dream come true.
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