It's pub day! The official first day you can get your hands on my new book, If You Could Live Anywhere, which is all about how your community can help you thrive in your work (i.e., be more innovative, make more money, tap into your creativity, and find your purpose). 

If it hasn't shown up in your mailbox, get thee to a locally owned bookstore to buy it. Like Blacksburg Books, which not only stocks new and used books (brilliant!) and created a collective community poetry-writing project (amazing!) but is also hosting my book launch event tonight, Tuesday, July 26, at 7 pm. You should come!

Last, here's a free downloadable workbook of some of the "Where should I live?" exercises from If You Could Live Anywhere. Your friends can get a copy by subscribing.

Thanks for all the support, guys. It means the world. 

P.S.—The photo is me speaking about If You Could Live Anywhere at the RuralX conference in South Dakota in June. Thanks to photographer Lisa Aust for making me feel like I had my own paparazzi!

Shameless self-promotion portion of the newsletter: My friend Tiffany Yates-Martin puts out a fantastic newsletter about writing and revising and featured my story of building a writing career/publishing a book/dealing with crappy first drafts. I'm speaking in a couple weeks at the Iowa Downtown Conference (so I get to visit old friends in Ames, Iowa, and eat a Dutch letter). I'm starting to record a lot of If You Could Live Anywhere–related podcasts; let me know if you have one I should be on.
7 items of interest
  1. The earthquake that is remote work is driving people to smaller cities (which happens to be a good thing for introverts, apparently).
  2. Create parks, not offices.
  3. "There is a self-loathing that comes from witnessing decline." My friend Jeff Siegler writes smartly about low civic self-esteem in his Revitalize or Die newsletter.  
  4. Why can't we have more gargoyles? And taco stands?
  5. The project that shows that small towns are the kings of reinvention.
  6. A town in Maine that's figured out you just gotta build more housing.
  7. How to build a better city in 5 words or less. Mine might be "Show you love it."
xoxo, Melody
P.S.—As always, random bonus material for reading this far: Closeted fan of this lady. Buy my friend's cozy mystery! My favorite podcast features British comedians and food. Currently reading and appalled at modern society. Bingeworthy for spycraft and new languages. Popular words. Global money. Pretty excited for this. A poem for this age. A linocut for summer. The most awful, wonderful sandwich-related story (read all the comments).
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