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The Agile & Lean UX News #112

Welcome to issue #112 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally.

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed The Scope of User Experience with other folk from UXmatters. Let us know what you think.

Articles of Note


How Do I Know When I’m Done with Customer Discovery?

by Tristan Kromer (@TriKro)

“We are done with customer discovery IF we have a concrete hypothesis about customer pains and a value proposition we are ready to test for purchase intent … At the same time, we’re NOT done with customer discovery, because we are never done. Potential customers will be continuously discovering our product, so we need to continuously discover how our customers are changing, as well as explore new segments and opportunities.”

Nano Sprint

by Cathi Bosco (@BeTheBreeze)

“I love the Nano Sprint, a UX design tactic especially for product designers working with lean, Agile teams that know how to work smarter and communicate well. The Nano Sprint is a unique and efficient design tactic. It is useful as a lead in, side, or validating tactic during development cycles … It involves Design Thinking and a sequence of activities dependent on the resources and priorities for that specific project. This is very useful for us working on product designs in evolving versions.”

Round and Round We Go

by Zoe Gould

“We need a version of the lifecycle that breaks that linear mindset and helps everyone understand that … you will go around and around the lifecycle and back and forwards several times before you are done. Agile is not a sprint, a race, or a marathon, it’s a game of snakes and ladders. You can get off, go back to the start or go back a phase or two if you need to. You win when all your user needs are met, but as user needs can change over time, you have to keep your eye on the board, and you only really stop playing once you decommission your Product or Service!”

Abstract in the FanDuel UX & Design Team

by Stewart Bradford (@stew_)

“Abstract’s versioning, file management and workflow tools have enabled the distributed UX & Design team at FanDuel to collaborate, share, and present work, with one single source of truth. It’s become a core part of the product development workflow for us.”

Adopting a Continuous Discovery Mindset Across the Organization

by Teresa Torres (@ttorres)

“If you continue to map out the opportunity space, as you prototype your solutions, you’ll constantly be revising your best path to your desired outcome. You might start by focusing on one key moment in time only to find a more compelling opportunity elsewhere in the organization. The key to a successful design approach is to embrace this uncertainty and enjoy the twists and turns along the way. As long as you are regularly co-creating with your constituents—listening for opportunities in their stories and testing your solutions with them—you’ll be well on your way to driving your desired outcome.”

Worth Another Read


5 Effective Ways for Usability Testing to Play Nice with Agile

by Jeff Gothelf (@jboogie) ‏

“Usability testing has been a fundamental tool in the UX arsenal for decades now. The value of actually meeting your customers and letting them experience your product makes a significant impact to the shape of that product … With many organizations moving to an Agile philosophy and methodology, UX practitioners are finding it difficult to integrate formal usability testing into this faster-paced, iterative approach to software development.”

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