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The Agile & Lean UX News #130

Welcome to issue #130 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally.

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Articles of Note


Messy Success and Ambiguous Failures: Part 1 & Part 2

by Amy Arden

“UX professionals should also be smarter in helping to set the strategy that determines what a project’s outcome should be. Many organizations—regardless of their size, industry, or maturity — experience common pitfalls when it comes to defining strategic outcomes, then measuring results against them. This often compromises our ability to gauge a project’s level of success accurately. Let’s look at four of these pitfalls and some tactics for mitigating them.”

Designing Remote Ethnography

by Cath Richardson (@ohrworm) and Cyril Maury (@cyrilmaury)

“Remote ethnography are two words you might not expect to see side by side. Typically ethnographic research involves travelling to a field site and meeting participants in person. But contrary to expectations, fully remote ethnography is not only possible but also presents new affordances: in essence, less space and fewer time constraints, and more opportunity to embed in people’s lives … In this post we’ll outline 7 principles for getting the most from remote ethnography.”

How to Map Risk With a Mission Model Canvas

by David Bland (@davidjbland)

“I’m often asked what types of tools and techniques help reduce risk in non-profits, governments and mission based organizations. With a few exceptions, the majority of content available online and in books applies to profit based businesses. Mission driven leaders try to adapt these profit based recommendations to their work and quickly become frustrated. This guide is a high level overview of the tools I’ve used and adapted to help non-profits, governments and mission based teams visualize their strategy and reduce risk.”

Remote Discovery

by Teresa Torres (@ttorres), Podcast (40mins)

“Your opportunity space didn’t radically shift. What’s probably radically shifted is which opportunity is most important right now. Then there’s the second piece of it: What’s the part of Discovery that’s going to stay stable over time? What are we learning from customers that we don’t have to worry about learning over and over again, versus what’s the part that can be disrupted at any moment?”

How to Pair Design (And Convince Your Boss to Invest in It)

by Nina Mehta (@ninamehta)

“One obstacle that tends to come up when designers try to pair design is making the case for it. Someone (aka your manager) is bound to ask isn’t this double the resource? Why would I put two designers on one thing when they can work on two things? My response is that design pairing makes the work go faster and better. Here’s what I’ve seen happen to teams that invest in design pairing.”

Worth Another Read


UX for Devs Manifesto

by Ambrose Little (@ambroselittle)

“Keep your hands off the keyboard. Resist the urge to start typing code from the get go. Don't even start drawing up diagrams. Stay away from the computer! Start with paper and pen, or a whiteboard if you're with colleagues. Grab those personas and stories, come up with narratives from your users' perspectives … Block the narratives out where you might have interactions with software … THEN start sketching UIs to fill in the empty boxes on your storyboards.”

Something for You To Watch


Decision Supervision — Structured Thinking for Product People

Lucy Spence (19 mins)

“Explain what you’re trying to achieve in a way that a customer can understand and engage with. Describe the final experience — you’re testing the desirability of your product while bearing in mind the effort that may be required to get there. Discuss opportunity and experience in a way that allows everyone to align around the desired outcome because that’s what ultimately matters.”

In My Humble Opinion

Thor Mitchell (23 mins)

“Product management is a diverse role. When hiring for a product manager, you’ll likely see very different types of people applying for the job, all with varying sets of skills. So which are the skills you should be looking out for? Thor’s advice is to ‘prioritise that which you can not teach’. He describes the spectrum of skills and attributes someone in a product manager role would need.”

Testing Business Ideas

David Bland (80 mins)

“Last year David was approached by Alex Osterwalder to co-author a new book about testing business ideas … They've identified three major themes from design thinking. The first, desirability, describes whether or not people want the solution. The second, viability, speaks to if you can create a sustainable business with the solution. The third, feasibility, goes into the steps to run the infrastructure. In this talk, David will give you a rare behind the scenes look at how he tested the book content along the way by using lean and agile principles.”

An Event Apart, Washington DC 2019 Redux

Last July’s An Event Apart, DC had some excellent sessions. We think you’ll find these especially interesting:

If you enjoyed these do check out the other An Event Apart videos.

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