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The Agile & Lean UX News #124

Welcome to issue #124 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally.

This is the last issue of 2019 — so Happy Holidays Everybody! We’ve been running Lean UXmas all December. If you want to catch up on some of the best articles from the last year just go to!

Adrian also contributed to a recent UXmatters piece on Artificial Intelligence and User Experience and spent a little time Revisiting Agile/UX in 2012 if you fancy some light reading.

But enough about us — on to the articles.

Articles of Note


How to Become a Research Ops SuperHero

by Emma Boulton (@emmaboulton)

“I would like to introduce you to someone. She’s someone you may know. She may be someone in your scrum team. She may be one of many or she may be the only one in the company. This is a story about the challenges she faces and how we can help her do her best work.”

Adapting Agile for Part-Time Teams

by Philip Kiely (@philip_kiely)

“Part-time work exacerbates the need for good capacity estimation and up-front planning while reducing the time available for it. Fortunately, Agile’s notion of story points applies well. Story points estimate effort rather than time and thus stay constantly effective between full-time and part-time workers, though of course part-time workers will take longer to achieve the same amount of story points, which you can account for by measuring the team’s velocity.”

The Benefits of an Open User Research Practice

by Leisa Reichelt (@leisa)

“Allowing and encouraging teammates to participate in research analysis gives them an opportunity to get much closer to more of the data, but it also helps them to understand the way that we process that data in order to make sense of it and draw conclusions. It allows them to challenge the ways we are forming narratives about what we believe that data means and demonstrates the traceability of those claims back to the original source data.”

The Hypothesis Prioritization Canvas

by Jeff Gothelf (@jboogie)

“If you have many hypotheses, how do you decide where your precious discovery hours should be spent? Which hypotheses should be tested? Which ones should be de-prioritised or just thrown away? To help answer this question I’ve put together the Hypothesis Prioritisation Canvas. This relatively simple tool and a companion to the Lean UX Canvas can help facilitate an objective conversation with your team and stakeholders to determine which hypotheses will get your attention and which won’t.”

Collaborative interview analysis

by Ane Sharma (@ellasdatter)

“I try to get everyone in the team to tag along, observe or facilitate research sessions. Journalists working on our app Peil frequently moderate usability tests, and we collaborate on the analysis of these. However, there is still one part of the research process that too often falls to the researcher alone: the analysis of in-depth interviews. And why shouldn’t everyone be involved in this as well?”

Worth Another Read


Lean UX, Product Stewardship, and Integrated Teams

by Tim McCoy (@seriouslynow)

“Several emergent themes in software design and development are converging into a new way of working: 1) Entrepreneurs understand the strategic value of user experience design in the guise of Steve Blank’s customer development and Eric Ries’ lean startup. 2) Management are entrusting designers with product management responsibilities as frustrated designers are seeking them out. 3) Agile teams are coming to recognize the contribution of UX as designers learn to function in agile environments”

Something for You To Watch


Product Research Rules

(C Todd Lombardo, 25m)

“In this keynote from MTPCon London, C. Todd Lombardo reminds us that as product managers we often make bad decisions. The key to minimising these, he says, is effective product research.”

Conference Redux

There were some really interesting sessions at Pattern Days 2019 this year. We think you’ll find these of particular interest:

If you liked those do check out the videos of the other sessions.

Upcoming Events

Mind the Product Engage, 7 February, Manchester

Product Con, 11 February, London

Leading Design, 4-6 March, San Francisco

Design Research, 18-20 March, Melbourne

Agile-Lean Ireland, 20-21 April, Dublin

Agile Manchester, 13-15 May, Manchester

ACE! 20-22 May, Kraków

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On 7th February Adrian will be speaking about “How to Write OKRs That Don't Suck” alongside some fantastic local product people at MTP Engage Manchester. Hope to see you there.

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Until next time. Be excellent to each other.

Kathryn (too busy for twitter) & Adrian (@adrianh)

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