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The Agile & Lean UX News #106

Welcome to issue #106 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally. We hope we have something to interest you in this issue.

The Christmas season is just around the corner — so on December 1st Lean UXmas will be returning for its fifth year! Every day we will be posting one of our most read articles from this year’s newsletter. Follow @LeanUXmas on twitter for updates.

Articles of Note


What Does an Agile Product Roadmap Look Like?

by Jeff Gothelf (@jboogie)

“These are living documents. We don’t fix these at the beginning of an annual cycle and leave them as if they were etched in stone. There is too much uncertainty and complexity in delivering digital products and services. Product-led organizations — those focused on customer success with empowered teams — ensure that they’re always pointed in the right direction. Outcome-based roadmaps ensure that leaders and teams are being transparent with each other, realistic about their goals and targets and most importantly about how they measure success.”

User Research is a Team Sport

by Will Myddelton (@myddelton)

“The team began to share their thoughts about ways to improve the research. This group of non-researchers helped me learn some of the deepest lessons I’ve learned about research. Stop researching when you’ve learned the big things. Pick the riskiest things from the roadmap first. Know that some things are OK to ignore completely because they’re easy to fix later if they blow up. This is the power of ‘user research is a team sport’. It increases the impact of our research and it improves our research practice at the same time. Precious outcomes.”

Evaluating Experiments: When the Numbers Lie

By Jacob de Lichtenberg

“Measure twice, cut once: remember to discuss how close to the actual end result you are measuring. When running discovery experiments we often do not measure the actual end result. Rather we’re attempting to simulate something to learn new things fast. But when making decisions you need to include exactly where you need to go in your discussions.”

Design System Ambassadors

by Ben Lister (@benclister)

“Since first piloting the program four months ago, the roster has grown from two to six designers from both our brand and product teams. Over this time, we’ve seen our product squads collaborating across design, engineering, and product management and have been able to ship contributions ranging from updated documentation to new patterns on a nearly weekly basis. The impact on one particular team has been so big that we’ve had to have discussions about potentially expanding the scope of the system to account for new types of contributions.”

WAYWO. Because Work Doesn’t Have to be Polished to be Shared

by Rob Hunt (@helloiamrob)

“In come the posts! Across Content, Research and Design … our daily snapshot of what everyone’s thinking about and doing comes in. The team’s now big enough that it’d be almost impossible to find that out otherwise. And as we work on ever more complex projects, and have abstracted away a lot of interface decisions through our UI Infrastructure team, it’s been interesting to watch people’s daily posts evolve naturally over time to show the details of their underlying thought processes in addition to nice-looking pixels.”

Worth Another Read


Why You Only Need to Test with Five Users (Explained)

by Jeff Sauro

“The five user number comes from the number of users you would need to detect approximately 85% of the problems in an interface, given that the probability a user would encounter a problem is about 31%. Most people either leave off the last part or are not sure what it means. This does not apply to all testing situations such as comparing two products or when trying to get a precise measure of task times or completion rates but to discovering problems with an interface. Where does 31% come from? It was found as an average problem frequency from several studies”

ACE! 2018 Redux

The ACE! conference took place this year in May and there were some great talks. Here are some we think you will find of especial interest.

If you like these you may like to check out the other sessions too.

Upcoming Events

Measuring Actionable Metrics, 5 December, New York

ProductTank December - a Product Debate, 5 December, London

How to Make Better Product Decisions by Using Quantitative & Qualitative Data, 6 December, Mountain View

MTP Engage, 7-8 February, Manchester

Smart Scrum Product Ownership, 7-8 February, London

ProductCon London, 27 February, London

Agile-Lean Ireland, 25-26 April, Dublin

Agile Manchester, 8-10 May, Manchester

MTP Engage, 22-24 May, Hamburg

ACE!, 23-24 May, Kraków

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