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The Agile & Lean UX News #91

Welcome to issue #91 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally. We hope you have a great Easter and enjoy your break and chocolate eggs.

Articles of Note


What a Good Continuous Discovery Team Looks Like

by Teresa Torres (@ttorres)

“Our favorite type of research is immersive, where we have the opportunity to live their life, understand what is most painful about the hiring/finding work process. We have deep empathy for them and can speak their language, which opens them up to working with us. We have developed a group of charter customers who are excited when we meet with them to see what we’re working on. They love seeing themselves in the product, where they’ve influenced us. They understand when we don’t build something exactly as they wanted because we’re building for the persona and not them specifically.”

Dual UX Research: How to Get Greater Insights from Natural Conversations

by Chris Spalton (@ChrisSpalton)

“It was like they’d forgotten I was in the room, and what I was observing was a pure, natural and honest conversation between two people with an established relationship and clear understanding of each others situation, goals and desires — something that would never truly happen in a one-on-one scenario.”

Learn Better Not Faster: Why We are Still Struggling to Become Learning Organizations

by Sofia Quintero (@Sofiaqt)

“A learning organization is less concerned about what it learns and more concerned about making sure everybody can acquire and transfer knowledge as much as possible and as easily as possible. Such organizations trust the outcome because they have hired curious people and given them the access to what they need to fulfill that curiosity and make an impact … Software companies depend on learning and feedback loops to improve their products and services on an ongoing basis. However, since the popularization of the Lean Startup, the focus of the conversation has been mostly about learning fast but not necessarily learning better.”

STFU: Test Your Voice App Idea in Less Than An Hour

by Ben Sauer (@bensauer)

“I wanted a method that took me from writing a script for the interface to a conversation between the system and a user as fast as possible. No development effort, no fooling around. That’s my goal with this article: get you testing an idea for a voice interface, as fast as possible.”

Failing Fast When Failing is Not an Option

by Nina Timmers (@ninatimmers)

“One of the mantras of innovation and technology startups is “fail early, fail fast, learn early, learn often”. It’s always better to find out something new won’t work before you’ve spent a lot of time and money on it, rather than after. But what if you’re operating in a high-risk environment, where failure could mean another traumatic care experience for a vulnerable young person? From previous projects I’ve learned that there are two effective ways to safely test a new service that supports people in vulnerable situations”

Worth Another Read


UX and the Reality Problem

by Anders Ramsey (@andersramsay)

“So am I saying that all UX designers need to become software developers? Absolutely not. But what I am saying is that unless you regularly dig around in some code, you’re going to lose touch with the reality you’re designing for. Additionally, you’re going to lose your empathy for the people you’re designing for.”

Interaction 18 Redux

Interaction 18 took place in February and provided us with some great sessions. We think you will find these of especial interest:

You might like to have a look at the other sessions from the conference too.

Upcoming Events

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The Lead Developer, 27-28 June, London

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Agile2018, 6-10 August, San Diego

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