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The Agile & Lean UX News #15

A big welcome to issue #15 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally.

We’re currently busy preparing for our Lean UX workshop at Agile on the Beach later this week. We hope the sun is still shining for you and that there is something here to pique your interest.

Articles of Note


Off To The Races: Getting Started With Design Sprints

by Alok Jain

“If you have never explored applying lean or agile practices to design, the core challenge is in adopting a different mindset. Instead of focusing on finding a perfect solution up front that would just scale to any future requirement, take a longer-term perspective that the perfect design will evolve over a period of time, with regular learning and iterations.”

Pair Design Rule #1: Wear One Hat at a Time

by Pam Dineva (@PamDineva) and Kim Dowd (@kimsheblue)

“Be comfortable with ambiguity, with spitting out things that don’t make sense, because you are in a no judgement zone. You are in a fuzzy, fun place where the driver will get excited about your ideas. Whatever you say, the driver is there help you build on it.”

What Happens Next?

by Laura Klein (@lauraklein)

“When you create an interaction for a product, you have to design more than what it looks like. You even have to design more than what happens during the interaction. You have to design what happens after the initial user interaction. And then you have to keep going.”

Delight Your Clients With a Design Studio

by Tracy Owens

“Because technical ability is thrown out the window, more people within your organization can participate and prosper. Design Studio brings together a group of diverse talent, expertise and points of view to generate many ideas around a problem or project. The more, the merrier.”

Have you had your recommended dose of research?

by Dipa Shah (@dshah83)

“It’s powerful for teams to observe research. Having empathised with the user’s frustrations and joys in interacting with the service, the team can better relate to the people they’re making for. This, combined with learning the language that users use, helps the team keep their users in mind and, ultimately, they design better services.”

Worth Another Read


Exploratory Testing using Personas

by Jonathan Kohl (@jonathan_kohl)

“Tension on usability issues seemed to be reduced as well. These issues were no longer mere opinions. Now the team had something quantifiable to back up usability concerns. Instead of having differing opinions from developers, testers could say: “when testing with the persona ‘Mary’, we found this issue.” This proved to be effective at reducing usability debates.”

Agile 2014 Conference Redux

Agile 2014 was once again was full of UX related content — over 28 hours worth spread over five days. If, like us, you couldn’t attend this year here are links to all of the UX related slide decks we could find:

You also might be interested in:

If we missed anything please let us know at!

Upcoming Events

FlowCon 2014, 3-4 September, San Francisco

Lean UX Full Day Workshop, 4 September, San Francisco

Agile on the Beach, 4-5 September, Falmouth

Lean UX Full Day Workshop, 8 September, Chicago

Lean UX & Lean Branding Two Day Bootcamp, 8-9 September, New York

UX Cambridge, 10-12 September, Cambridge

Mind the Product Workshops, 11 September, London

Lean Agile Scotland, 11-12 September, Edinburgh

Mind the Product Conference, 12 September, London

ProductTank: How to Set the Right Focus, 12 September, Berlin

Lean UX Festival, 15-16 September, Gent

Agile Day, 18 September, New York

ProductTank, 18 September, Brighton

Product Tank Reeperbahn Festival, 18 September, Hamburg

Lean UX Full Day Workshop, 19 September Hamburg

Usability Week 21-26 September, Toronto

Lean Product Management for Enterprise,  23 September, New York

Agile Development and User Experience, 24 September, Toronto

Agile Cambridge, 1-3 October, Cambridge

UX Craft, 3-4 October, Cape Town

Usability Week, 5-11 October, San Francisco

Building a Culture of Innovation, 22-23 October, Stockholm

The Lean UX Workshop,  23 October, Chicago

Purity vs. Pragmatism: Can you ever be Lean enough? 5 November, Webcast

LeanConf, 17-18 November, Manchester

Lean UX and Agile, 14 November, London

agile content conf, 19 January, London

If we’ve missed something of relevance to Agile & Lean UX folk please let us know at

And of course, the bit where we tell you what we’ve been doing and where to meet us:

  • Last week we helped organise the first Balanced Team Banter â€” an online meetup to discuss Balanced Team, Lean UX, Agile UX, etc. Future events will be announced on the balanced team mailing list.
  • We’ll be running a Lean UX workshop on the Product Design Bonus Track at Agile on the Beach this week. Do say hello if you’re attending.
  • We’ll be speaking about using persona in lean & agile contexts at the Lean UX Festival in Belgium on September 16th.
  • We’ll be talking about Lean UX at the October 16th UXPA London meeting.
  • Finally we’re speaking at LeanConf, 17-18 November 2014. Hope to see some of you there.

That’s it for this issue. Have something Agile or Lean UX related that you want to tell the world about? Want to tell us what sucked or rocked about this newsletter? Think Quietstars might be able to help your product development team(s)? Drop us a line at or book a slot in our free Friday office hours.

Until next time. Be excellent to each other.

Kathryn (too busy for twitter) & Adrian (@adrianh)

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