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The Agile & Lean UX News #90

Welcome to issue #90 of the Agile and Lean UX News. Curated by Quietstars and delivered to your inbox. Occasionally.

Since our last newsletter, we’ve contributed to How to Stand Out in the Expanding Field of User Experience and looked at Taking Your First Steps as a Director of UX. We’d welcome any comments on our musings.

Articles of Note


We Can’t Do That In One Sprint

by John Cutler (@johncutlefish)

“Work small, even when it doesn’t “make sense”. You have to take the leap of faith, because the costs will feel real, and the benefits will feel theoretical and distant. You have to see it work. There’s no way around this. There is NO silver bullet. Get SOMETHING out there in one sprint.”

Design Thinking Origin Story Plus Some of the People Who Made It All Happen

by Jo Szczepanska (@szczpanks)

“Recently design thinking has gained momentum in the business world through mentions in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes publications … Being in the news though, doesn’t make design thinking anything new. Unlike the radical outcomes it promises, design thinking as an approach has been slowly evolving since the 1960’s.”

Innovation Is About Making Progress, Not Running Experiments

by Tendayi Viki (@tendayiviki)

“Experiments are run to advance theory and knowledge. This is why most researchers focus on gaps in knowledge. Deciding the right thing to test with our experiment is more important than running the experiment itself. Within innovation, our theory is our assumptions around the right business model for our product. And just like scientists, we have to use experimentation as a tool for testing the right things in order to fill our gaps in knowledge.”

Sketching in the Browser

by Mark Dalgleish (@markdalgleish)

“Rendering web content into Sketch is incredibly powerful, and a necessary step forward on our journey, but our industry needs to take this even further. The line between our mediums may be getting blurry, but the design tools of the future need to remove this line altogether. For us to truly deliver on this potential, we need design tools that don’t merely imitate the target medium — we need them to be actually built on it.”

Move Fast and Optimize for the Long Term

by David Lynch (@davefromdublin)

“Don’t get hung up on being wrong. It is what it is. Paint your picture of what is true now and move through the problem with confidence as if that picture was completely accurate. That said, always be seeking new data, new perspectives and new feedback. When it matters, adjust your picture of truth and repaint it and then move again with the same confidence you had before. Keep gathering data, keep incorporating your metrics, customer feedback and your prior learnings into your future moves.”

Worth Another Watch


Crushing the Boulder: User Experience and the Lean Startup

by Janice Fraser (@clevergirl), 40 mins

“There's a movement afoot in the business schools at Stanford and Harvard to define the science of startups: a repeatable method that will reliably deliver the product successes and "outsized returns" that investors need. Called the Lean Startup, this methodology bears a striking resemblance to good User Experience practice … This session will introduce you to the key concepts of Lean Startup, explain how it resolves the most intractable problems endemic to the UX community, and challenge you to imagine its affect on your work and your teams.”

Deliver Conference 2018 Redux

This year’s Deliver Conference supplied the usual mix of interesting talks and workshops. We think you’ll find these of particular interest.

If you found these of interest do check out the other sessions from the conference.

Something for You To Watch


How to Innovate in Organisations That Don’t Like Failure

(Lucia Adams, 19 mins)

“In order to drive lasting and sustainable change, you need to be curious about the people you’re working with and explore their perspectives. This helps you to collaborate with all parts of the organisation no matter what their attitude to change may be. Finally, you’ve got to be lean, delivering quick wins that you can build together to win hearts and minds.”

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