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Hi <<First Name>>,

I am so glad you decided to join me! Today is the first day of our journey.

Today I just want you to do two things:

1. Think very critically about your typical day. Answer this simple question:

What time do I feel my best?

Sounds easy right? But it might not be as simple as it sounds. I always knew I was an early riser (that should have been my clue) but I would plan things like exercise and hobbies for the end of my day. It wasn't until I turned my day upside down that I started producing my best work and my best play (and found a sustainable schedule for exercise).

So now I do the stuff I want to do first. Then I do the stuff I have to do later.

Since exercise has become so important to me I put it at the beginning of my day. I also put my 5 minutes (or however long I have) of joy sewing at the beginning of my day. I get up between 4am and 5am so it is easy to get a little sewing in before my husband gets up and I get on the bike. But if you are a "stay in bed until the last second before you have to go to work" person then you might be a night owl. Your best time might be right before bed.

Just determine your best time of day and see if you can fit 5 minutes in. Make sure it is a time when nothing else is scheduled because you want it to be a consistent time. It takes about a month (some say more some say less) to create a habit. It is important to try to do your joy sewing at roughly the same time while you are forming the habit. Once the habit is formed you can fudge the time a bit without messing it up. But you need to find a time that works for you and that you can stick with. Tying a habit to a specific time is the best way to make it stick.

2. Think about what you love to sew most (I think all quilts should have a house in them for instance) and choose something small that can be your 5 minute go to when you don't have anything else you want to work on. Prepare for 5 days of this small thing. (For instance I will cut out 5 blocks today so they are ready for my 5 minute sewing time).

For me it is the small houses that I shared in my last email. Because they are fast (less than 5 minutes) and I love them.

This is for those days when pulling out that big project seems daunting or you are in between big projects and you just want a little nibble to keep you satisfied. A quilty/sewing snack. Since I will have 5 ready and I might only use them twice this week I won't need to prep again for a week or 2 and I can do it on a day, like today, when I have a little more time.

I bought this book and notebook a couple months ago and accidentally ended up with 2 of each. I knew I would have a good reason to use the second set for something and here it is. These will be our first giveaway for the project. I will also include a couple of mini charm packs and stickers from that fun Moda box you see underneath them. I have been reading this book and using the journal and they are both great resources. To win prizes share your #sew365projects on instagram and use the hashtags #sew365project #sewtofeedmysoul I will choose a random winner on the 15th of January. I will share a photo prompt for each week in our email at the beginning of the month and you will be entered if you complete each one. Here are the first month's prompts:

Week 1 :  January 1-8 Share the graphic below and invite your friends
Week 2: Janaury 9-15 Incorporate your chosen time into the picture with your sewing
Week 3: January 16-22 Show your quilty/sewing snack project
Week 4: January 23-29 Show a Work in Progress that you are making strides on with the help of the #sew365project

You do not have to join in the game, you do not have to be perfect, you just have to take one step at a time.

Here is a graphic to use on social media to say you are in...

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