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Bomb Squad at Gen Con

Control the Robot. Deactivate the Bombs. Save the Hostages. (teaser video)

We've decided to debut our new cooperative real-time game BOMB SQUAD coming soon to Kickstarter at this year's Gen Con convention in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 14 - 17. This takes full advantage of the fact that this year we've very excited to have an entire room of tables to display and offer demonstrations of our catalog and coming new hotness.

In Bomb Squad you have a hand of cards that will help you maneuver a robot through doors as you work to release hostages and deactivating bombs. The problem is that you can't see the cards in your own hand and are therefore completely dependent on the other players to help you play cards in the right order. Situational awareness, welcome to the world of board games!

No problem, right? Well, you're also under time pressure so you have to do it against the clock. People are depending on you with their lives, can you work together fast enough? 

What to learn more? Read this in-depth interview: Dan Keltner Talks Bomb Squad

We're so excited to bring this to Gen Con where you will have a chance to sit down with the designers for the demo and get a chance to win a copy of the game when it's available. We even get to film the experience and tension of this real-time game for the upcoming Kickstarter launch. After the convention, we'll weave your reactions and experiences into the Kickstarter project. 

So, if you're coming to Gen Con—come make friends while deactivating bombs! 

Gen Con - Booth #359, Demo #137

Speaking of Gen Con, we'll be in booth #359 in the back left of the main Exhibit Hall next to the Family Fun Pavilion. This year we have even more space than we had last year.

The biggest advancement for us this year will undoubtedly be the DEMO ROOM full of tasty awesomeness. We have 14 tables covered in green in Room #137 which is right across from the main entrance doors to the Exhibit Hall. That's a great location for us and we'll have playable copies of our available catalog.

The games in our demo room will be PLAY TO WIN. Playing a game enters you for a chance to take that game home with you on Sunday. In addition to play to win, we'll be introducing TEACH TO WIN for fans that know how to bring our games to life. Games will include but are not limited to:
  • City Hall - brand new economic intensity that's hot off the presses—Gen Con Debut!
  • Eminent Domain
  • Belfort
  • Ground Floor 
  • Il Vecchio 
  • Rialto 

But that's not all we'll have in the Demo Room. We're very excited to have prototype access to our coming TMG HOTNESS not yet available:
  • Aquasphere by Stefan Feld - Race to research octopods and crystals
  • Scoville by Ed Marriot - You must see this game of peppery spectacularity
  • Battlecruisers by Phillip DuBarry - in the Eminent Domain universe
  • Eminent Domain: Microcosm by Seth Jaffee - a new stand-alone game
  • Eminent Domain: Exotica by Seth Jaffee - an upcoming expansion
  • Harbour by Scott Almes - we'll have a full art advance prototype
  • 3-4 Headed Monster, Gold West, Steam Works, Chimera Station, ... 

DEMO ROOM #137  -  Play the Present.  See the Future.  Win Stuff. 


TMG Family Time at Gen Con

One of the big reasons that Harbour was such a success on Kickstarter (it was our second highest funding total ever!) was Rob Lundy's light-hearted fantasy art. Since this is the first year we're providing programming at the Family Fun Pavilion, we've decided to feature Rob Lundy's art in a new and less colorful way with an exciting Harbour Coloring Contest.

3:00 - 4:30 - Thursday
3:00 - 4:30 - Friday 
3:30 - 5:00 - Saturday

We'll provide the crayons, you provide the creativity and imagination for the delightful images from our deceptively deep but light-hearted fantasy game about manipulating a dynamic market in the port town of Gullsbottom. After the convention, we'll even select our favorite coloring for each card and work to make an inexpensive print-on-demand version of those cards available on for any interested parents and playful gamers.  

We'll also be debuting "Dragon Run" a silly new game you can play with your Dungeon Roll dice. If your 3-4 year-old can roll dice and recognize symbols—they have the skills to play and even win! It's a head-to-head speed dice rolling activity where the parent plays the dungeon dice and the child rolls the hero dice. The parent tries to roll all Dragons before the child can roll all Champions.

You clearly don't need to be at Gen Con to try this playful activity of course. But if you are at Gen Con and come by when we're in the Family Area, your child can win a prize if they beat the Dragon in "Dragon Run." TMG, where the dragons are family-friendly!

These two activities will be running during our times in the Family area. Dargon Approved.


Dungeon Roll - Legendary Intrigue

The news at TMG isn't all Gen Con related. We're happy to bring you more from the upcoming Dungeon Roll Legends booster expansion that will be available this holiday season.

This time we're even hinting at the silent but dramatic strings that weave these heroes together as we reveal the full flavor text that you'll see on the finished cards. Drama, pathos, intrigue, regret, rebellion? Maybe it's just enough they are all really powerful too. *

* Note: The Legends heroes are balanced within the expansion, but these are beyond the original heroes

Great things are ahead for Tasty Minstrel Games and if you're at Gen Con you'll get a sneak preview of upcoming games that we're excited to bring you. We'll even have a full art prototype of Dungeon Roll Legends with us if you care to feel the power of the new heroes. So visit our Demo Room and play to win our classics while previewing our future, join us during our Family Fun time activities, or just come by the booth and say "Hello, I'm a newsletter subscriber!"

We'd love to meet you.

This is a time of the year when we can celebrate the hobby together, so even if you can't make it to Gen Con—find a way to get excited about all the new hotness coming to our hobby this time of year from our company and others. We're sure it will be worth your time. 

Chris Schreiber
TMG Community Manager
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