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Team Building

Recently, TMG has really started to build a team.  For a long time, it was just me (Michael Mindes) and Seth Jaffee trying to bring some incredible games to gamers.  As we found moderate but encouraging success, my desire to accomplish more grew.

Thanks to Kickstarter, you can continually add more to deliver to backers as long as they will continue to back your projects.  It took awhile for me to realize that we were not only going to be late delivering what we were already committed to, but also that I would not be able to accomplish what I wanted without a team in place.

So, yes.  Existing outstanding projects will be delayed.

Future projects on Kickstarter will not be funded for awhile to come.

Also, thanks to Kickstarter TMG has sufficient paid for inventory with ongoing sales that can support the team being put together.  It is like TMG is making its own VC investment in itself.

Anyways, the team is coming together and will all be onsite in early May.  I would like to introduce everybody:

Michael Mindes, Founder, Owner - That is me.  Enough about me.

Seth Jaffee, Head of Development (Not onsite)- Seth has been part of TMG since I started the company.  He is an active developer of board games and I like to say that he is responsible for our games being good.  In addition to his personal designs Eminent Domain & Terra Prime, Seth developed Homesteaders, Belfort, Ground Floor, Kings of Air and Steam, Dungeon Roll (Hero Balance), and more coming.

Daniel Hadlock, Customer Service & Game Design - Daniel was the first non-Seth employee that I hired in January of this year.  He has carried the customer service torch for us very well.  He will work closely with me as the lead designer on a game which has us at TMG very excited.

Michael Harris, Director of Operations & Project Management - Michael Harris comes to use from the world of software.  He is rapidly gaining control of the mess that I left for him to clean up, and once he has done that, I expect really great things.  Oh, and he is a fluent German speaker in addition to all his other skills.

Andy Van Zandt, Game Development - Andy is a very good game developer and designer, for years now many of his suggestions have made it into TMG games.  The majority of games that he has designed are small and elegant (much like a TMG microgame).  Andy will be in charge of maintaining a solid pipeline of micro games in addition to development and improvement of other titles.

Chris Schreiber, Community Manager, Marketing Communications, & Kickstarter Management -  Wow, that is a lot of responsibilities.  Basically Chris will be in charge of all of our outbound marketing  communications and running Kickstarter projects.  We have worked with him before and he picked the excitement back up for Dungeon Roll before we delivered in addition to being a big factor in the success TMG had at GenCon last year.

Max Holliday, Production Artist - My experience shows that there are 2 main causes of delays for TMG games.  #1 - My personal work overload.  #2 - Art delays.  Max will be joining us as a manager of artwork production.  So, he will be handling layouts, print files, localization files, and scheduling for artists.  This will allow TMG to continue working with a wide range of artists to maintain visual flexibility while not losing time to artwork delays (or as much time).

Almost No Overhead To Lots Of Overhead

Yes, that is a lot of new ongoing expense that TMG will need to cover.  We have the incoming revenues to cover the cost of everybody currently.  I have confidence that moving forward we, as a team, will be able to create a reliable stream of gross profits to pay everybody, grow, and still deliver fantastic games to you.

Biting Off Too Much

Yes, I allowed TMG to promise to do too much.  I greatly underestimated the amount of time that it would take to handle the production of the micro games.

To me it feels like we are going to be unacceptably late on delivering all of these products.  Thankfully, we have only slipped a handful of months on these.  Still I find this unacceptable.

With the team coming into place, we should be able to avoid these problems in the future.

We will be delaying the funding and delivery of additional games until I feel like we have a proper handle on everything AND that proper handle is apparent to our backers.

Things are really coming together, and I am very excited for the future (and a little scared).



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