Skyline artwork draft #1 revealed.

Skyline Box RenderSo, I hope that you know the Ground Floor is on Kickstarter.  And I also hope that you know that when you pledge your support and we go over $75,000 of funding, that you will receive Ground Floor, all of the bonuses, and Skyline.

Skyline is a game in which you will be building a Skyline very quickly with 60 custom dice.  I know Skyline will be at least $30 retail if it is released (and it will be with the Ground Floor overfunding).  Also, Ground Floor will retail for $60.  So, your $50 pledge for 1 set or $120 for 3 sets will be a GREAT deal.

Now this Skyline artwork is not final, but it is still awesome.

Off Your Rocker

Now, some friends of mine from Tucson have a game on Kickstarter that has 10 hours left, and it is about to fund.  It is a party game, and it looks incredible and I have personally backed this project.

Check it out if you have an extra couple of minutes.  1 Copy is $20.

Cheers and have fund out there!

Michael Mindes, Founder
Tasty Minstrel Games

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