Upcoming Games! GenCon Plans!  Oh my...
You might know July as the hottest month of the year.  I know it as the month I prepare for GenCon.

And while preparing for GenCon, I remember the importance of everything else that we do at TMG.  So, let's share the plans for both.  First the question on lots of minds:

Rialto and Village Inn - What's Up?

It seemed like the delivery of these games just continued to drag on and on and on.  Thankfully, the time has arrived and they have been sold to distributors which means that they will be showing up at stores any time now and should be by July 31st at the latest.

So, if you have been waiting patiently for these to arrive (or impatiently), then you will be pleased that the time of their arrival is upon us.

For those who don't know Rialto is a quick and lighter game by Stefan Feld about building bridges in Venice.  Those that are into the more accessible (easier to learn) euros that still have enough depth to be very re-playable are loving it.

Village Inn is the first expansion to the Spiel Des Jahres  winner (German Game of the Year) Village.  I have been reading online about how it makes Village "MUCH BETTER", and Village is very good to begin with...

GenCon Plans

At TMG, we feel like we have been taking great leaps forward...  Getting Village, selling out of Noblemen, Dungeon Roll Kickstarter, expansion Kickstarters for Eminent Domain and Belfort, nearly selling out of Kings of Air and Steam (our warehouse has only 143 copies as of the end of June, and so forth.  I am loving it and I want more, and planning for GenCon to be another one of those forward leaps.

We are concentrating heavily on demoing Dungeon Roll to tons of attendees (who will then hopefully buy them).  We will also be demoing Rialto, Belfort, and Village (with Village Inn) in our booth (#459) with room to sit down and play, so bring your friends, learn the game, and play it right then.

The only bit of pricing that I will reveal is this...

On Thursday, the retail version of Dungeon Roll will be $15 and it will include the first hero booster (A $25 value).  This is the same price that Kickstarter backers got Dungeon Roll for (but you won't get the exclusive bling).  We don't know how many of our other games we will sell, so we are bringing a small quantity of each.  

Combine that with the special convention pricing (too good to mention here) and you will want to come by early on Thursday!

Games, Games, Games!

I love games, just like you, and that is why I started publishing them almost 4.5 years ago now.  Thankfully we continue to find increased success as we continue to make great games.  And we have many in the pipeline, under contract, almost ready to go, or on our desks to review.  Let me tell you about them:
  • City Hall by Michael Keller - The game of political maneuvering to become the mayor of New York.  It beautifully utilizes a Goa style auction system as a main mechanism.
  • Captains of Industry by Michael Keller - Captains of Industry is an economic maximization game with market pricing mechanisms.  It has been extensively developed by the TMG team in conjunction with the designer Michael Keller over the course of several years.  Now it is fantastic, and utilizes a really cool mechanism for upgrade production facilities.
  • Scoville by Ed Marriott - I like food hot and tasty, what can I say?  And for that you need some peppers.  Scoville is about pepper farming of all things.  It utilizes a crop combination mechanism which is very interesting where you can upgrade your peppers by combining colors.  For example, red and yellow combine to make an orange pepper which is more valuable.  For those of you that are color blind, don't worry, we are working on final production options which will limit the difficulty cause by color blindness.
  • Eminent Domain: Dice by Seth Jaffee - Seth has designed a dice version of Eminent Domain, and it is quite good...  Veteran players of Eminent Domain will enjoy some of the variation in gameplay that happens here and an opportunity to introduce new players through this easier to learn version of the game.



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