Noblemen & Village (again) are sold out, new games, and iOS.

Village & Noblemen Are Sold Out

Both are sold out at the publisher level, which means that we have no copies, but they are going through the distribution channels and will hopefully end up in your hands soon.
  • Noblemen sold out of 2,000 copies in about 4 days on a short solicitation notice.
  • Village sold out of 5,000 copies in about 2 days before the shipment even arrived, which is due this Friday in the warehouse.
So, if you want these games, then you better find them soon.  

I will look into the viability of printing Noblemen on my own, but I expect that it will be too expensive and that we will wait for the next combined printing.  If this is the case, then I expect that I will not have more copies of Noblemen until around August of 2013.  Feel free to check out some early Noblemen reviews and session reports, here, here, here, and here to help you make a decision.

As for Village, I expect that our next print run should become available in late March or early April.  Village has won the Kenner Spiel Des Jahres, and has a current average rating of 7.72 and ranked #89 on the all-time best board games by the BoardGameGeek community.  These will go fast, so if you don't want to wait till April, stock up now.  Also, these should be in stores just in time for that final Christmas present you were looking for, maybe for yourself!

In addition to discovering new talented designers, and co-publshing award winning titles, we are happy to be adding 2 great games to our catalog...

Rialto - By Stefan Feld 

Rialto is an elegant and quick euro game (45-60 minutes) with a simple and easy to learn ruleset.  There is so much control in this game over who is scoring what, where, and how.  Yet it doesn't cross that line where such control makes for a chaotic game.  

It is my absolute favorite game by Stefan Feld that I have ever played, and I think that it might end up being the best game in the TMG catalog when we release it.  Game stats:
  • 2-5 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • 45-60 minutes
  • $49.95 USD
More information about the game will be released in the coming months.  We hope to be able to get it into your hands in March/April of 2013.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Resulting from the fantastic response from distributors with Village and Noblemen, TMG is testing something different with Rialto.  Instead of a direct sale launch, Rialto will go directly into the distribution system.  We hope this will allow you to start pre-ordering copies from your favorite store and make sure your store pre-orders from distributors (so they get allocated copies).  With a large number of pre-orders in hand, I hope that distributors will recognize Rialto for the hit it will be and act accordingly.

Rialto should be in the computer systems of the distributors, so stores placing pre-orders now will be able to get their copies, which means you will get your copy.  Our recent new releases like Noblemen and Village have sold out very quickly, and I don't want you to miss out!

Il Vecchio - by Rüdiger Dorn

Il Vecchio is another exciting game that TMG has decided to co-publish.  It is an extremely solid and great game by Rüdiger Dorn of Goa fame.  Game stats:
  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • 60 Minute play time
  • $59.95 USD
Il Vecchio should be coming sometime in February 2013.  It has been printed for awhile and sitting in Germany as we have been scrambling to get the second printing of Village in time for Christmas and many Kickstarter logistics handled.  Thankfully, TMG now has somebody on board to help make sure the logistics run more smoothly.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Like with Rialto, TMG will introducing Il Vecchio directly into distribution.  Il Vecchio has a small 2,000 copy print run, so if you want a copy, then pre-order it with your favorite store and have them pre-order with their distributors.  For Il Vecchio, I also not not know when TMG's next opportunity to print will be coming up.

For The Win Coming to iPhones

TMG has also just finished up our first digital app version of a physical game.  We chose For The Win because it is a simple and elegant game.  When we started developing For The Win for iOS, we had the following goals:
  • Get a development method hammered out for iOS implementations of our games.
  • Determine real development costs for a game from which we could extrapolate development costs for more compacted games.
  • Determine a market size for TMG games on iOS.
  • Make mistakes when they are small and less expensive.
We have learned a lot, and For The Win is a fantastic game which works well for iPhones.  Depending on how well it performs in the marketplace, we will be doing more including:
  • Adding async game play over game center in For The Win.
  • Universal iOS app (for iPads too).
  • Adding other features to For The Win.
  • Developing other TMG titles for iOS.
  • Look at other non-iOS digital formats, including Android.
Along with the implementation of For The Win on the iPhone, there is some rules clarification and errata.


There is so much important and urgent news, that I wasn't even able to cover everything that I wanted to.  The rest will wait for a future newsletter.

Thank you for all of your support in what we at TMG do.  Without you, we would be nowhere and get nowhere.  I will continue making great games as long as people like you continue to buy them.

Have a merry Christmas and enjoy time with your family and a nice physical board game.


Michael Mindes, Founder
Tasty Minstrel Games

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