It's been 5 years since TMG started, help us celebrate with a free PnP game.

TMG 5 Years Later...

I didn't know what to expect when TMG started, but sitting here today and looking back... I am quite pleased.

It is a little hard to believe that it has been 5 full years since TMG became a legal entity.

Please help us celebrate with a free Print & Play for the upcoming Harbour by Golden Geek (for best PnP) winning Scott Almes:
Harbour is a quick and easy to learn euro game for 2-4 players that can easily serve as a gateway game for getting your friends into economic euros.  

Even though it is quick and easy to learn, Harbour still has significant depth to its game play and is highly replayable thanks to the random  nature of the buildings coming out.

The print and play features high quality black and white sketched artwork by Rob Lundy (@moltenink) like you see in the above cover.  We have embraced a light and fun fantasy theme with lots of humor in the the excellent artwork.  Here is a sample of a mostly done card:

We are looking to get Harbour onto Kickstarter at the beginning of May. TMG has been in rapid development with Scott Almes since November and there has been over 100 play tests since we signed Harbour improving from Ver.1.0 to the current Ver.15.0 (PnP Link).

In addition to making the print and play available 2 months prior to going up on Kickstarter, we are looking to send out some Print on Demand copies with fully finished artwork to those that are willing to share it with their friends and maybe help us out with posting some reviews (good or bad) to BoardGameGeek.  If you are interested in receiving a PoD copy of Harbour, then please fill out this survey.

We here at TMG are VERY excited for Harbour and hope that others get to share in this excitement.

We don't know exactly when the POD copies will be available or if we can accommodate everybody that wants to participate in the PoD, so please have patience with us.  Daniel is handling this so if you have any questions, then you can email him at

Bomb Squad (Realtime Co-Op Game)

We have also been working with Dan Keltner and David Short who are the designers of a realtime cooperative game called Bomb Squad.  In Bomb Squad players are programming a robot to navigate a building, free hostages, and disarm bombs.  To program the robot, you place cards face down prior to activating it.

The trick is that you don't know what cards you have until after your teammates give you clues...  (If this sounds similar to Hannabi, that is because it uses such a mechanism to drive a larger thematic game).  We have assembled the team that provided artwork for Flash Point: Fire Rescue, and here is one of the illustrations that we have gotten thus far:


TMG is Growing...

It is amazing to me that I hired the first non-Seth employee as of the beginning of 2014 (and I was scared to do it). And now I have done it again...  

TMG as an organization has more going on now than we have ever had going on before.  Or maybe I like the idea of being required to do less personally?  Either way TMG has hired a dedicated production manager that starts in a couple of weeks.

We leased an office space. Additionally, TMG has a verbal agreement to hire an additional game designer to start in the next handful of months...

And we have been searching for an artist to come work at TMG full-time.  The position will be in Mountain Green, Utah if we can find a suitable candidate when compared to our remotely working artists.  

We strongly prefer to hire a hardcore gamer with experience handling graphic design for board games.  Expertise in rulebook design is a HUGE plus.  If you have a friend that draws pretty pictures, but cannot handle graphic design or is not a gamer, then this position is not for them.

Starting salary would be between $36,000 and $40,000 a year.  Perks include Friday game days (need to test and develop to make great games!), convention attendance (GenCon & more), FREE GAMES (WHAT?), working with an awesome team, and making amazing games a reality.

If you are an artist interested in this position and available to move to Northern Utah, then please email with a resume, work samples, and a paragraph or 2 about why you would be a great addition to the TMG team.


Michael Mindes, Founder
Tasty Minstrel Games


It looks like Barnes & Noble will be getting copies of Dungeon Roll to sell soon...

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