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Golden Geeks, Testing, & Successes

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Thank you for continuing to read our email newsletter. Without the loyalty of our Customers, TMG would not exist. Fun Fact about that, the recently successful Kickstarter project for Orleans ($251,468) had 66% of Backers come from our previous customers or this email newsletter.

Knowing this, I there are two games that I specifically want you to know are available on Amazon: It would mean a lot to me if you buy these games, there are tons of things that we want to do to serve you (including steadily publishing through our 40+ game pipeline), but these all require money...

If you already have played either of these (or any other TMG titles on Amazon) and like them, then please review them on Amazon. Reviews are incredibly helpful for people that stumble across TMG titles.

Golden Geeks

Once again, BoardGameGeek's award choosing is upon us, and this year TMG has 6 different titles that we publish which have been nominated. They are:
  • AquaSphere - Game of The Year  /  Strategy
  • Orleans - Game of The Year  /  Strategy  /  Innovative
  • Scoville - Artwork & Presentation
  • Eminent Domain: Escalation - Expansion
  • Burgoo - Abstract
  • This Town Ain't Big Enough For The 2-4 Of Us - Abstract
Voting can be done here. We are very hopeful that all of these games.


In 2014, we brought better service and production management via our team. Unfortunately, our results were not able to support everybody that we initially added to the team. Thankfully, TMG stabilized with 4 full-time employees and several key contract based workers.

As you can imagine, this has dramatically increased our overhead and as a result I am extensively testing many things. The results of these tests will dictate the future direction and methodologies of TMG. I hinted in the last newsletter about this, and I want to explicitly state the following:
  • Everything we decide to do is for the benefit of our Customers. This is our guiding principle.
  • We strive to more directly interact with our Customers while being able to continually create fantastic games that they want.
  • We have a gigantic pipeline of games that is around 40 titles right now, and want to bring these to life quickly, steadily, and carefully.
  • We want to have deep and valuable relationships with our closest stakeholders, this includes game designers, artists, key retailers, reviewers, email subscribers, and so forth.
At this time, I have data coming in showing the results from some tests while also having the intuition which comes from now 6 years of experience and previous data.

As a result, I have a vision of the direction, but I just need to obtain some confirmation that this is the right path...


We at TMG continue to have great success with the games we release and how they are received. We still have a little trouble breaking out and selling ridiculous numbers of units like some companies manage to do so well. Our best 3 sellers by units thus far are:
  • Dungeon Roll - 40,000+
  • Village - About 16,000
  • Eminent Domain - About 15,000
This is fantastic, but we have not ever been able to break out with a game and sell 100,000 units of the base game in the first year like Star Realms just did. Congrats to Rob & Darwin!

In some of our testing over the last month, we have found success with Facebook and Twitter. Of course, email is our favorite...

We will continue to search for what brings us success and invest in those things.


Michael Mindes, Founder
Tasty Minstrel Games

P.S. Remember about AquaSphere and Village Port on Amazon!
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