12th Edition: 

Legal Education


This edition of Assist In Your Community will focus on achieving success in our continuing legal education by improving mental and physical wellness. 

Assist has launched a new program designed to bring the legal community together around physical and fun activities. Come out and get motivated with others in the legal profession!

Stay tuned for our first event of the New Year. To receive monthly invitations with event details, please email:

Legal Education: Personal Wellness

By Michele Hollins, Q.C.

A focus on personal wellness is something we should all embrace. If lawyers are to survive as a profession, the practice of law will have to look quite different 20 years from now.
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Lost in a Bowl of Cereal


Law school is an incredibly exciting and invigorating time in one’s life.  But it is also an intellectually challenging and often stressful time. The key to success in law school, in my opinion, is pretty simple. 

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Surviving Exams 101

By Susannah S. Alleyne

1. Prep and Then Prep Some More

  • Reducing stress come exam time: Make sure to have good notes
  • Dedicating to exam preparation: If possible, start scaling back on other commitments, such as work or volunteering, a few weeks prior to exams

2. Feed Your Brain

  • Brain fuel includes healthy foods such as fish, soy products, citrus fruit and berries, green veggies, sends and grains, teas, eggs, oils, sages, and pulses
  • The good stuff: Meat, chocolate, curry, and milk
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eating breakfast: Just do it
  • Eat well and eat often: 5-6 small meals throughout the day, or standard of 3 meals with healthy snacks in between

3. Take Breaks and Sleep

  • The longer you go on without a break, the more your ability to retain information decreases
  • Structure your study schedule around your breaks (e.g. Break for 3-5 minutes for every 45-60 minutes of studying)
  • Your mind makes memory connections during sleep
  • Stick to a sleep schedule during exam time
  • Tip: Go to bed thinking about the basic principles covered while studying, and fall asleep doing so

4. Turn Off the Noise

  • If possible, stop studying for a minimum of 8 hours prior to exam
  • Try not to discuss anything relating to the exam prior to being seated in exam room
  • De-stress afterward: Meet friends, do a quick burst workout, take some time to breathe


Top Health, Fitness & Nutrition Apps for 2016

By Andrea Holwegner

Wondering what are the top fitness, health, and nutrition apps for 2016? I have chosen a wide range of the best apps for nutrition, cooking, fitness, meditation and goal setting to get you started.

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Student Peer Award

Assist has implemented student awards at both Alberta University Faculties of Law. This award will recognize a student offering peer support and advancing the health and well-being of law students. 

University of Alberta, Faculty of Law and
Alberta Lawyers' Assistance Society Award

$1,000 per year to an individual student
 University of Calgary, Faculty of Law and
Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society Award

$2,000 biennial award to an individual student
This award will recognize an individual student’s contribution to the health and wellbeing of law students, considering leadership, dedication, initiative, creativity, peer support, education, obstacles overcome, results and advocacy in support of student health and wellness.


Managing Law School Stress


In law school you can easily feel like you’re drowning in stress. 
But you can manage stress successfully and safeguard your mental health. Remember, you’re not alone – here are some tips to help.


University of Calgary:

Healthy Habits Lunch

Assist is hosting a lunch event for U of C law students to educate them on improving their law school experience with healthy habits. Along with a free lunch, we are providing sleep kits of items to encourage better sleep, along with sleepy-time tea pouches from David’s Tea.
Speakers: Heather Patrao, Dr. Beverly Frizzell, Ph.D, R.Psych, and Wilson Chan

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