This edition will explore the benefits of diversity in wellness in the legal profession.

14th Edition:


This edition of Assist In Your Community will focus on exploring the benefits of diversity in wellness in the legal profession.


Let's Diversify Our Way
to Better Mental Health

By Tiro Clarke,
Assist Peer Support Volunteer



"For many years I wore down some fairly deep grooves in my life – doing the same things with the same people who shared similar attitudes towards the same issues. Here are some specific areas where I climbed out of my grooves..."

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Miles Apart

By Marian De Souza QC,
Assist Executive Director


"As Executive Director of Assist, I learned that our experiences of trauma can be different, and yet we may be impacted similarly, connected by our humanness and shared existence."

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Women Leading Change: Paulette Brown

By Artika Tyner


"Paulette Brown reminds us that 'leaders who are interested in diversity are forward thinking.' These leaders can see the power of bringing together teams who can think critically, unleash their imagination, and develop solutions."

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The Gen Why Lawyer:
What and Why Young Lawyers
Should Know About Cultural Competency

By Nicole Abboud

"In an increasingly diverse society, cultural competency is becoming imperative to the practice of law. It is achieved by identifying and understanding the needs
and help-seeking behaviors of individuals."

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Working Toward Diversity in Law

Some trends to look out for in closing the diversity gap
within Canada's legal profession.

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Jenny McMordie

West End Legal Centre, Calgary

We started with our own second-hand tiny cabin sailboat about 8 years ago, and as the boys grew, we chartered larger boats. We have so far sailed to Seattle, up the Sunshine Coast, around Desolation Sound, and around many of the Gulf Islands. We’ve also sailed offshore on the west side of Vancouver Island for one of our courses, with each of us doing two-hour staggered watches through the night. We have hiked beautiful parts of Canada that you cannot access other than by boat. While sailing, we might take 8-10 hours to travel a distance that a car could do in 20 minutes. This forces us all to slow right down.

Russ Weninger

Notary Public, Calgary

I recently had the opportunity to play a portion of Erik Satie's Vexations, a piece that typically takes anywhere from 18-36 hours to complete, as one of approximately 40 (mostly amateur) relay pianists who participated in the performance at a promotional event for the 2016 Honens Piano Festival. The music, though avant-garde, is surprisingly beautiful, and with seemingly endless repetition, it takes on a meditative quality. Playing on a Fazioli grand piano, considered by many pianists to be the finest concert grand in the world, provided a moment of unadulterated joy. 

AssistFit encourages mental, emotional, and physical fitness in the legal profession.



Yoga at 5:30 PM
CBA Offices (Calgary)

Tuesdays & Thursdays:
Hot Vinyasa & Meditation, 12 PM
Full Heart Breath Studio (Edmonton)

November 23:
Speaker Event: Clint Malarchuk
Hotel Arts (Calgary)

November 24:
Speaker Event: Clint Malarchuk
Matrix Hotel (Edmonton)

November 26:
Barre Body
Barre Body Studio (Calgary)

November 26:
CPR Training
Canadian Bar Association (Calgary)

January 21:
TRX Training
Studio Revolution (Calgary)

February 25:
Impact Boxing
Impact Boxing & Fitness Studio (Calgary)

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