MARCH 2015: NAPHC2015 Presentation Abstracts due by March15! PHIUS+ 2015 Standard Launch Party! CPHC training dates announced for April/May/June! Builders trainings in March, and tons more CPHC CEU opportunities!
Issue 1, March 2015

Present at NAPCH2015 -- Deadline for Abstract Submission = March 15

PHIUS and PHAUS are holding out 10th Annual North American Passive House Conference, September 9-13, 2015, and we'll be celebrating our 10th in style. 

The content is what has always distinguished the conference, and it's a great opportunity to share and learn about research, lessons learned, and simply get inspired.

If you have a project or other ideas that you'd like to present, the call for the 10th Annual North American Passive House Conference presentations and papers is open.

Submission Guideline & Deadlines!

PHIUS+ 2015 Launch Party

Wednesday, March 25, 7 - 9 pm PT
The Bullitt Center’s Discovery Commons Exhibition Hall
1501 E Madison Street, Seattle WA

Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) Executive Director Katrin Klingenberg will formally launch the new PHIUS+ 2015 passive building standard. Presented by PHIUS/PHAUS, the passive building research institute and alliance, will mark implementation of the new energy performance targets in the PHIUS+ project certification program. PHIUS+ is the leading passive building certification program in North America.

Klingenberg will give a brief overview of the impetus for the new standard, as well as a capsule summary of what’s new and what’s better. She will be available for questions afterward.

Press Release

Spring/Summer 2015 PHIUS Training Sessions! CPHC® dates just announced!

Earn the leading passive house credential in North America –
become a PHIUS CPHC.

CPHC Training:

  • Virtual Phase I -- April 21 - May 14
  • Phase II In-Class -- Pick from:
    • Boston: May 18 - 22
    • Chicago: May 27 - 31
    • Pittsburgh: June 1 - 5
    • Seattle: TBD
Builders Training:
  • Oklahoma State University, March 19 - 22
    (almost full!)

CPHC training details & registration 

Builders training details & registration

2015 Annual Conference 
PHnw6: Beyond Passive House

Friday, March 27, 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
Bell Harbor International Conference Center
Seattle, WA
Earns 7 CPHC CEUs

Also earns AIA credits

Experts, professionals, and officials from across the region and around the world will gather to learn, build relationships, share experience and expertise, and shape the future of high-performance building.  
PHAUS Members receive the PHNW Member price: Log into the PHAUS Members' Only Area for your registration discount code!

ACTIONHousing Uptown Lofts Ribbon Cutting, Pittsburgh, PA -- Largest Passive House Certified Multifamily Project in the U.S. to Date!

CPHC Morgan Law
After brief speeches from public officials, ACTION-Housing representatives and others, the new Uptown Lofts apartments on Fifth Avenue officially opened with a ribbon cutting. The project consists of two buildings of affordable units in the block between Wyandotte and Seneca streets, 24 units for graduates of foster care and 23 for low-income workers.

-- article via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-- photos via ACTIONHousing

Developers Get Aggressive with PH Design

Orchards at Orenco near Portland, OR & Uptown Lofts in Pittsburgh, PA
When REACH Community Development completes its newest workforce housing community in a few months, it will have also built the largest multifamily Passive House in North America.

Orchards at Orenco will be a landmark development for the nonprofit organization and the Passive House movement.

Overall, there are about 130 certified projects of all types that have been reviewed by the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) and another 100-plus more in the pipeline, says Michael Knezovich, the organization’s director of communications.
At the end of February, longtime affordable housing developer ACTION-Housing celebrated the opening of Uptown Lofts on Fifth in Pittsburgh. The project features two buildings, one with 23 units for low-income families and another with 24 units for young adults aging out of the foster-care system.

The 24-unit building is built to Passive House standards while the other is built to regular energy-efficiency criteria. This will allow for a good comparison study to evaluate the economics of both methods.

-- via Affordable Housing Finance

NESEA Building Energy 15 Recap

... "Another wonderful thing at the conference was Kat Klingenberg’s presentation of the draft Passive House standards, revised to fit the North American climates. A lot of thoughtful work has been done, and more lies ahead, but what a big step forward. Most gratifying is that PHIUS has adopted something that has been absent from every standard and target I have ever known of – the concept of what I call resource equity – every human has the same budget."  

Marc Rosenbaum wraps up & reviews the conference
-- via the NESEA Blog

Columbia County Habitat for Humanity 2, Hudson, NY

CPHC Jordan Dentz

Columbia County Habitat for Humanity members on Saturday gave local officials a special tour of its second pair of Passive Townhouses at 208 to 212 Columbia Street in Hudson.

Architect Dennis Wedlick of Barlis Wedlick Architects designed the townhouses, which offer 90 percent less heating energy use than in conventional construction, he said.

“It works like a thermos,” Wedlick said.

The building's ceilings and floors are insulated — a unique feature that allows the home to store hot air on cold days and cold air on hot days.

-- via Register-Star

Multi-zone System Selected for First Passive House in Washington, D.C. Area

The Bethesda Passive House (PHIUS+ Project page), Bethesda, Maryland, is the Washington, D.C. area’s first certified Passive House. It is a four-level, 4,400-square-foot marvel of design, engineering and construction. It features classic architecture and style that blend in with the surrounding neighborhood. Inside its walls, however, one sees the passive building elements: insulation and right-sized mechanical equipment (with appropriate capacities). Among that equipment is the S-Series multi-zone heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric).

-- via Mitsubishi Electric Case Studies (PHAUS Silver Level Sponsor!)

Hammer & Hand Field Notes on HRVs


An HRV, or heat recovery ventilator, is a balanced mechanical ventilation unit that captures up to 90% of thermal energy (heat or cool) from the stale air exhausted from a building and recycles it back into fresh intake air. In non-techno speak, an HRV is a a fresh air system that preserves indoor warmth (or cool) inside a building while providing a 24/7 supply of fresh, filtered air to building occupants. ERVs, or energy recovery ventilators, are closely related to HRVs, but also capture and recycle the humidity level of exhaust air.

-- via Hammer & Hand Field Notes (PHAUS Silver Level Sponsor!)
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PHIUS Corner
Upcoming Trainings:
  • CPHC TrainingPhase I On-line: April 21 - May 14 
  • Phase II In-Class:
    • Boston: May 18 - 22
    • Chicago: May 27 - 31
    • Pittsburgh: June 1 - 5
    • Seattle: TBD
  • Builders' Training: OSU-OKC Campus, March 19 - 22
Upcoming Events:
Complete National Events Calendar
March 16 - 20: Phase II In-Class CPHC Training, in Oklahoma

March 19: PHA-Portland Chapter Meeting

March 19 - 22: PHIUS Builders' Training at OSU-OKC

March 20: Michigan's first PHIUS pre-certified PH, pre-dry wall party!

March 25: PHIUS+ 2015 Launch Party, 7 - 9 pm Bullitt Center, Seattle

March 26 - 27: PHnw6 Conference

Apr 2: PHA-SD Chapter Meeting

Apr 6: WEBINAR: Passive Building Science for multifamily buildings

Apr 20: WEBINAR: PHIUS+ 2015: The New Climate Specific Passive Building Standard for N.America - Pt I

Apr 21 - May 14: Virtual Phase I CPHC Training

May 4: WEBINAR: PHIUS+ 2015: The New Climate Specific Passive Building Standard for N.America - Pt II

May 18 - 22: CPHC Phase II in Boston

May 27 - 31: CPHC Phase II, Chicago

June 1 - 5: CPHC Phase II Pittsburgh

TBD: CPHC Phase II in Seattle

PHA-Chapter leaders! Email to add your local events to the national calendar for added exposure!

Recent PHIUS+ Certified Projects!Check out the complete list of PHIUS+ Certified Projects here!

  • Pumpkin Ridge, North Plains, OR: CPHC Skylar Swinford
  • Weinberg Commons, Washington DC: CPHC Michael Hindle
  • Porzel Residence: CPHC Ryan Abendroth
  • Columbia County Habitat for Humanity 2, Hudson, NY: CPHC Jordan Dentz
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PHIUS Certified Builders' Training in Oklahoma

March 19 - 22
Earns 32 CPHC CEUs
also earns AIA & BPI 

PHnw6: Beyond Passive House

Friday, March 27, 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
Earns 7 CPHC CEUs

Also earns AIA credits

PHAUS Members receive the PHNW Member price: Log into the PHAUS Members' Only Area for your registration discount code!


March 30 - May 15
+ 17.5 BPI credits

Spend seven highly interactive weeks deepening your understanding of the language, framework, and systems needed to make your buildings resource-efficient, comfortable and durable with one of the leading voices in residential efficiency: Allison Bailes.

WEBINAR: Passive building science for multifamily buildings - passive beyond the house

Monday, April 6, 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
+ AIA (pending)
Presenter: Katrin Klingenberg
This session will explore the building science implications of achieving the Passive Building metrics for larger buildings and will highlight the difference in design strategies compared to single family Passive homes. 

PHIUS+ 2015

PART 1: PHIUS+2015 - The New Climate Specific Passive Building Standard for North America

Monday, April 20, 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
1.5 CPHC CEUs 
+ AIA (pending)

PART 2: PHIUS+2015 - The New Climate Specific Passive Building Standard for North America

Monday, May 4, 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
+ AIA (pending)

Presenters: Katrin Klingenberg, Graham S. Wright
This two part webinar series will review the new climate specific passive building standard developed by Building Science Corporation and PHIUS through a DOE grant as a new baseline for the PHIUS+/Zero Energy Ready Home program. 

Seattle View House Passive Houses on the Market

Aptly named for its five-unit community, Passive House design and striking views of the Cascade Mountains, View Haus 5 is located in Seattle’s walkable Madison Valley neighborhood.

-- via Cascade Built







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