May 2020 Edition


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Dear Partners,

We are glad to come your way again with information to guide your decisions and choices that will help boost your businesses and ultimately boost agricultural productivity and production, even in the face of COVID 19. As countries are beginning to ease restrictions at various levels and in various forms, we advise our readers and partners to continue to observe the necessary protocols to protect themselves and their families. 

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Fertilizer Watch in Africa 

Our commitment to provide weekly updates on the fertilizer industry to stakeholders throughout ECOWAS countries, including Chad and Mauritania, and East African countries, in response to COVID-19, remains strong.

We have so far published eight editions of the
West Africa Fertilizer Watch and four editions of the East Africa Fertilizer Watch, covering various themes including Fertilizer Subsidy Management Compliance with ECOWA Directive and Levels of COVID-19 Restrictions in Eastern and Southern Africa in our recent editions.

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Regional Fertilizer Retail Price May 2020




535 476 383 593   557 455
398   292        
537   415        
398     292        
501 467 406 527   333 509
398   278        

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in US$/ton. More on our methodology.

BURKINA FASO: Overall, trade is still slow between retailers and farmers, but wholesalers and importers are actively stocking their fertilizer shops. Read more

COTE D’IVOIRE: The agricultural season has begun and sowing of all crops is in progress. During this period, agrodealers are making good sales of fertilizers. The fear of the COVID 19 sales slump is gradually disappearing, and everything is getting back to normal. Read more 

GHANA:The government of Ghana has started easing restrictions that were put in place because of the COVID 19 pandemic. The fertilizer sector is taking advantage of this opportunity to bounce back to normal business. Movement and access to fertilizer is improving gradually. The 2020 Planting for Food and Jobs program has also commenced and is expected to run until November 2020.  Read more

MALI: The security crisis in some towns is impacting the fertilizer trade negatively. Read more

NIGERIA: Fertilizer production for the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI) has commenced fully and products have been supplied to most markets in the country. However, NPK 15 15 15 is still expensive due to its scarcity and high demand by farmers. Read more

SENEGAL: The fertilizer market has started getting lively even before the farming season sets in fully. Fertilizer suppliers are working hard to increase stocks to meet the expected strong demand. Read more



Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in USD$/ton

EAST AFRICA : The cropping season in East and Southern Africa occurs from November to April, so most fertilizers were already in-country and applied or well down the distribution channel before the impact of Covid 19 began.

KENYA:During this period, the government has also announced the release of $30M for the supply of farm inputs (fertilizers, seeds, and Crop Protection Products) through  e-vouchers targeting 200,000 small scale farmers, and KSh 1.5 Billion for horticulture & flower producers to access international markets. Read more

      Average Urea Price per Country in May 2020


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International Fertilizer Prices through April 2020


Product (US$/ton, FOB)
Urea (prilled bulk fob Black Sea) 216 228 215
Urea (granular bulk fob Middle East) [all netbacks] 231 251 246
Urea (granular bulk fob Nigeria) 238 254 237
Ammonium sulphate (bulk fob Black Sea)  104 110 117
Ammonia (fob North Africa) 227 228 219
DAP (bulk fob Morocco) 307 311 304
DAP (bulk fob Russia Baltic/Black Sea) 291 294 290
DAP (bulk fob Saudi Arabia) [KSA] 299 302 304
MAP (bulk fob Morocco) 306 306 301
TSP (bulk fob Morocco) 255 251 244
Phosphate rock (69% BPL bulk fob north Africa) 73 73 74
Potash standard MOP (bulk fob Baltic/Black Sea) 218 207 208
Potash granular MOP (bulk fob Baltic) 240 228 229
Potash standard SOP (bulk fob northwest Europe [in €] 429 425 420
NPK 15-15-15 (fob Morocco)  245 249 246

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LIBERIA: (May 24, 2020) 
The Ministry of Agriculture has alarmed an acute shortage of fertilizers in the country which has hampered farmers’ production for this farming season.
According to Ministry, the closure of neighboring countries’ borders with Liberia and the restricted inter-county movements of people during lockdown is creating huge demand for fertilizers to enhance crops, fruits, legumes, cocoa, and coffee farming at planting early stages
Read more

 (May 24, 2020) 
NITROGEN Chemicals of Zambia in Kaf
ue has started delivering Fertilizer for the 2020/2021 farming season to districts where it has been contracted by government to distribute farming input. Read more

 (May 19, 2020) 
A research that studied the application of fertilizers in sub-Sahara Africa has revealed that the use of nitrogen has climbed higher in ratio to phosphate and potash, indicating an upward trend of the ‘green revolution’.
The report published by Argus Consulting, in conjunction with the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC), said: “the ratio of N to P to K use in sub-Saharan Africa indicates that the relative use of phosphate and potash has been declining as nitrogen use increases, another sign of the ‘green revolution’, although a bad sign for balanced fertilization.” 
Read more

TANZANIA: (May 12, 2020) 
New Fertiliser Bulk Procurement System to Boost Productivity - The bulk procurement system has apart from ensuring timely and affordable price of the commodity has strengthened the distribution system as well as boosting of business capital among traders.
 Read more


Up-Coming Events

West Africa Fertilizer Forum
Date: Postponed from 26 May - 28 May 2020 to later date
Venue : Abuja, Nigeria
Conference Organized by Argus Media/WAFA

The event is organised in collaboration with the West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA) and brings together over 170 people from 30+ countries representing all the links in the fertilizer supply chain, as well as global producers, technology developers and investors. It is the only place to meet with all the key industry players and stakeholders involved in the fertilizer sector in West Africa. Read more 

New Ag International Conference and Exhibition
Date: Postponed from 6-8 April, 2020 to 28 September - 30 September 2020 
Venue : Marrakech, Morocco
Conference Organized by New Ag 

Due to the increasing travel restrictions from developments with COVID-19 and feedback from key stakeholders, New Ag International Africa has been postponed and will now take place on the 28-30 September. Read more 



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