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Regional Fertilizer Retail Price  September 2019



565 489 394   464 529 449
405   275 371     339
    388     367  
489 484 367 530 494 366 519
405   257 371     321

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in US$/ton. More on our methodology.

BURKINA FASO: The fertilizer market has been marked by two periods. It was first of all a period of good rainfall which encouraged a strong demand for fertilizers and helped to accelerate the development of the plants. Sales have increased, and have even reached their peak in some of the shops monitored. After the large sales, demand began to decline in intensity. The rains began to become scarce and producers began to worry. Insecurity has also had a negative impact on the sale of fertilizers in some areas of the northern part of the country, due to the population displacement.  Read more

COTE D’IVOIRE: The rainy season is in full swing throughout the country, and the fertilizer market has remained active in both the North and South zones. Compared to the past two years, there is every indication that resellers are making excellent sales in the fertilizer market, particularly in the South. Read more 

GHANA: There are huge quantities of fertilizer available at the agrodealers shops to serve farmers till the end of 2019 farming season and beyond and the prices will remain unchanged until a period when the PFJ fertilizers will run out of stock. The minor season is on- going in the southern sector and a lot of rice cultivation is taking place Read more

MALI: The agricultural season is progressing well throughout the country with good rainfall in recent weeks, and the fertilizer market has increased significantly. However, it has been less active, compared to the same period in the last two years, due to a late start in the distribution of subsidized fertilizers. The subsidized fertilizers are sold at 11000 FCFA per 50 Kg bag. Read more

NIGER: For the month of September, fertilizer prices are decreasing in the majority of farming zones. This is due to the drop in demand. However, the closure of the borders with Nigeria caused a slight increase in prices at the beginning. But this was quickly offset by the availability of CAIMA stocks in some regions. Read more

NIGERIA: Generally, it can be observed that there is slight reduction in prices of fertilizers in most parts of the country, even though some part are still recording high prices due to the level of demand, which is as a result of the farming season gradually coming to an end, especially in the north part of the country that does a lot of farming. Read more

SENEGAL: After the long rainy break, rains have resumed on a regular basis in the country's production areas. The fertilizer market is still buoyant but with different intensities from one production area to another. Read more


  602     668 559 678  
  654     528 569 676  
  499 575 689 526 495 650 526

Legend: Commercial Market Prices (com) vs. Subsidized Prices (sub)
             All prices in USD$/ton

KENYA: The fertilizer prices have dropped this month. This is due to low sales from most agro dealer shops in the country. In term of availability of stock, according to wholesalers, there is enough stock available to satisfy the demand. There is anticipated increase in price and sales of fertilizer next month because of the planting season. Read more

MALAWI: The sales volume is still low in all three regions as few farmers are cultivating irrigated crops. Only few farmers are buying fertilizer in bulk as they prepare for rainy season. Fertilizer prices are stable just few changes. NPK is still leading in sales. Read more

MOZAMBIQUE: Generally, the sales of fertilizers is low and no significant difference in prices. Currently, vegetables are being harvested while farmers are preparing their farms for rice. It is expected that in next two months the sales of fertilizers, specially NPK will increase. In term of availability of stock, according to wholesalers, there is enough stock available to satisfy the demand. 
 Read more

TANZANIA: Currently there is low usage of fertilizers in the country as the summer season is ongoing. There is no subsidy but a price directive by the government. Read more

ZAMBIA: Farmers are still waiting for the rains to start planting. In readiness for the coming season, which starts early next month, they are busy buying fertilizers, seeds and other farm inputs. The high demand and not enough stock have led to increased fertilizer prices. For the agrodealers with stock, the sales are high. Read more


      Average Urea Price per Country in September 2019


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Disclaimer: This section is published as an output of, in partnership with the Africa South of the Sahara Food Security Portal, facilitated by IFPRI. All opinion(s) stated herein are those of and are not necessarily representative of or endorsed by the Food Security Portal or IFPRI.  Click here for more information on sources and methodology used.




International Fertilizer Prices through August 2019


Product (US$/ton, FOB bulk)
Urea (granular, Middle East) 260 264 263 254
Urea (granular, Indonesia/Malaysia) 278 288 288 269
Ammonium Sulphate (China) 114 116 116 116
DAP (Baltic/Black Sea) 382 362 340 315
MAP (Morocco) 369 351 341 340
TSP (Tunisia) 321 314 312 313
MOP (Israel) 288 286 283 279
SOP (€, North West Europe)     475 475 453 450
NPK 15 15 15 ( (Baltic/Black Sea)     273 275 275 271

Source: Argus Media

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WEST AFRICA : (Oct 1st, 2019) - West Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum
Actors in West Africa’s fertilizer industry emphasized the need to financially support the fertilizer value chain to improve agricultural productivity in the region.
Agriculture ministers, development partners and private sector leaders made the call during the opening ceremony of the first West Africa Fertilizer Financing Forum in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on Monday 30 September. Read more

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GHANA : (Sep 25th, 2019) - 9th Annual Pre-Harvest Conference and Exhibition Opens in Tamale. Read more

ZAMBIA: (Sep 9th, 2019) - African Green Resources (AGR) plans to invest $150 million with local farmers to develop an irrigation dam, a 50 megawatt (MW) solar farm and expand existing grain silo capacity by 80,000 tonnes. Read more

MALI : (Sep 13th, 2019) - French Development Agency (AFD) to subsidize the four-year agro-ecological transition in cotton. Read more

MALI : (Sep 20th, 2019) - Distribution of subsidized fertilizer: E-voucher, the digital solution. Read more

COTE D'IVOIRE : (Sep 24th, 2019) - 120 young Ivorian rice farmers trained in advanced Chinese rice techniques. Read more


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