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Hello there, dear one,

It's February, the deep cold slush of the new year, and the beginning of the two-month long seasonal rut of what I call "Farch". As a wise friend once said to me,

"Farch is no time to make decisions. Don't break up, or leave your job, or move away, or make any drastic life changes. Because it's not you, it's Farch."

Perhaps. Or perhaps these two months are ripe for you to create change, and either way, you know I want to hear from you.

This past month I've felt a real shift in the energy we're sitting in. Along with many of my clients, I started 2013 finding myself overwhelmed with heartfelt feeling -- sadness, grief, loneliness -- that arose in surprising ways and often for inexplicable reasons. As I've seen others having similar experiences this month, I've wondered what sort of bigger context might be behind this. Collectively, what might we be grieving? Societally, what sadness needs to be expressed? How might we be serving each other by leaning into our feelings of loneliness?

One of the beautiful aspects of the heart-centred work I do is that I get to create safe spaces for us to feel what we're feeling, and to open up to those experiences as our teachers. Is this something you need right now? If so, please drop me a line. Let's find a way to create the space you need, and to let you learn what you need to learn.

Below, you'll find some recent articles from Ready for Change and invitations to connect.

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Recent Goodies

Discovering Your Curriculum -- some things take a lifetime to learn.

Three Ways to Think About Happiness -- in which I choose euphoria, at least for a little while.

Taking the Stuffing Out of the Inner Critic -- complete with cartoons!
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Would you like to hear what coaching might be like?

Here's a six minute audio clip of me talking about my kind of coaching.

Still Arriving in 2013?

It took me longer than usual to feel as if I'd arrived in the new year.

Are you still arriving?

My Reflection and Visioning tool might help with the jet lag.

View and download the tool here.

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A Little Help from Your Friends

Coaching in the context of a warm, supportive, encouraging group is magical, and I'm lovingly crafting the perfect combinations of participants for group programs in February and March.

Would you like to be on the update list?

Drop me a line for your application form.
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Ways to Connect

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Let's Talk

Is it time to get coached? Let's talk! I work with clients all over the world via Skype, phone, and email coaching.
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