ISSUE #558 - 5th September 2021

Error budgets, managing ransomware, SRE, observability, handy Git tools and more this week.

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Trying to scale AppSec across engineering is no joke. Check out the 3 main reasons developers struggle with AppSec and how to make it better.


A good introduction to error budgets and using them to make trade-offs between risk and stability.

An interesting post on modern ransomware and malware attacks and now to mitigate and deal with the fallout.

A handy pattern for when you need to create new repositories based on a template and some variables, using GitHub repository templates, Actions and the python cookiecutter tool.

A look at the security profile operator for Kubernetes. This exposes a first-class interface for configuring seccomp profiles amongst other useful features including exposing metrics and enriching logs.

The first two parts of a series on building an analytics platform based on Druid. Background on technology choice and lots of technical details about the implementation.

A post looking at the role of an SRE team in adopting observability tooling. A lot of this depends, in my experience, on the reality on the ground of roles vs the titles.


Kubernetes Community Days UK is coming up on the 15th and 16th September. A virtual event over 2 days, with talks on supply chain security, secrets, scaling, getting started with Kubernetes and lots more.


There is so much interesting information in Git and GitHub metadata. Askgit is a CLI tool for exposing that data via a SQL interface to make it easier to use.

Monika is a nice and simple monitoring tool. Define probes for URLs in a config file, what failure looks like and how you want to be notified of any issues. It also supports Postman and HAR files as input.

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