ISSUE #545 - 6th June 2021

Health on-call culture, usable monitoring dashboards, AWS security boundaries, technical posts on ProtoBuf performance, container build toolchains and more.

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An excellent post on building a healthy on-call culture for developers. Lots of concrete advice, centered on respecting engineers and their time.

ProtoBuf API v2 has some large performance implications. This post is a good primer, as well as a look at how one project solved the problem with a project-specific code generator.

Is an AWS account a security boundary? This post digs into the details, showing a large number of ways services cross accounts.

Moving from a monolithic architecture to one based on many services often means having to distribute authorization. This post explores how one organization used humeji.

Some useful tips for building usable monitoring dashboards.

A post on the benefits of being able to repave a datacenter, including tips on how to get started.

A look at a toolchain for building and publishing container images, using GitHub Actions and ECR. It’s a good example of the trade off between complexity and secure tool chains with current tooling.


Managing tags for cloud resources is critical but also a pretty thankless task. Yor is a new tool to help, that integrates with infrastructure as code and is intended for use in a CI pipeline.

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