ISSUE #495 - 21st June 2020

A wide range of content this week, from adopting continuous delivery at scale to different roles, several posts on automation around pull requests and discussion of modern on-premise platforms.


A fantastically detailed post on Amazon’s adoption of continuous delivery. Lots of information about automated testing of successful deployments and scaling pipeline configuration.

A blog post series around bringing cloud-like automation to on-premise hardware environments, looking at the new Tinkerbell project in particular

Adopting devops practices often means new roles and team structures. This post covers some of those roles and tips for them being effective in an existing organisation.

A good list of considerations for those adopting serverless platforms. Logging, monitoring, self-service, elastic scaling and more.

A look at standing up a full application and infrastructure stack as part of a pull request workflow. Discusses automation and different testing approaches.

A recent podcast recording and notes of a conversation focused on developer productivity, the importance of platforms and building a culture of continuous improvement.

Notes on the latest Salt release. Includes details for anyone contributing to Salt (like changes to the test runner) and lots of user benefits, including performance improvements and lots of new features.

A look at adopting automated code review and testing tools for Terraform. From “works on my machine” to Atlantis and Conftest and GitHub integration.


King is looking for new members for the infrastructure engineering teams to help develop, manage and expand our software based networking setup across datacenters and (Google) cloud. Please take a look at the open role for networking engineer. We're also still looking for both database and streaming data engineers, if that is more your style.


Resgate is a realtime API gateway which uses NATS under the hood to make building REST, real time, or RPC API easier where all your clients are synchronized seamlessly.

Reviewdog is an automated code review tool that integrates with lots of different code analysis tools as well as most popular CI systems and source control systems.

Taskcat is a tool for testing AWS CloudFormation templates. It stands them up the stack across multiple AWS regions and runs tests to check everything is working as expected.

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