ISSUE #543 - 23rd May 2021

Several posts this week on Kubernetes operations, from debugging running pods to scheduling and from migrating to Kubernetes at scale to service mesh complexity.

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A detailed case study focused on a large infrastructure architecture effort moving from managing virtual machines to Kubernetes.

An important post on the risks with the AWS “free” tier when it comes to learning and unexpected bills. This can apply to other developer-focused metered services as well.

A post on adopting service mesh that’s also a post on the risks inherent in adopting early stage technologies, in this case looking at dropping Istio and moving to Linkerd.

Some observations on the imbalance in knowledge between vendors and buyers and the importance of market forces in solving some of the security challenges that are ever more visible.

New features in Kubernetes often lead to interesting user tooling a little later. This post looks at EphemeralContainers and the kubectl debug tool for debugging running pods.

Another pod on debugging Kubernetes, this time looking at pod status and in particular looking at debugging pending pods with the scheduler.

A pair of posts looking into garbage collection in Java and how to monitor its impact on your applications.


Batect is a tool for defining repeatable tasks to aid local development. Running builds, executing tests, running deployments, spinning up dependent services, etc.

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