ISSUE #542 - 16th May 2021

Metrics, dashboards, KubeCon recaps and lots of tools this week, from eBPF on Windows to new tools for testing with Kubernetes and Linux.

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A post on the best way to present metrics on dashboards. Definitely relevant to anyone presenting information from monitoring or software development metrics.

A rebuttal to a post from last week, on how Backstage hopes to address some of the traditional issues described with developer portals.

A couple of write ups from the recent KubeCon EU event. High level themes and details of various talks and tracks.

A post on avoiding vendor lockin by owning you data, your front-end interfaces, your source code and avoiding long term contracts.

A good post on the practices required to adopt continuous delivery, with examples using the Batect build system.

A quick overview of the metrics you should be measuring if you’re running Kubernetes clusters.


vcluster creates fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters running inside a namespace of an underlying Kubenretes cluster. It's cheaper than creating separate clusters and it offers better multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces.

Lima is a brand new tool for anyone on a Mac wanting to run Linux instances that come pre-configured with containerd for running containers.

eBPF on Windows. Lots of interesting things are being built on top of eBPF in the Linux kernel. The idea of eBPF implementations in other operating systems and even user space programmes is certainly interesting.

Do you find yourself writing bash scripts but wish you could write JavaScript instead? Zx provides some nice utilities and removes the need for users to be node or npm experts.

Ahoy is a user-friendly dashboard for managing Helm-deployed applications on Kubernetes.

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