ISSUE #536 - 4th April 2021

Distributed operating systems, high performance teams and continuous delivery, logging, caching, security. Good range of content this week I reckon.

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You can utilize Swagger Docs in security testing to drive more thorough and accurate vulnerability scans of your APIs. Learn how:


A pitch for a Distributed Operating System Interface (DOSi) and that operating systems should be reimagined to support higher level workloads that are managed in a distributed environment.

How do you fulfill the promise of continuous deployment? A presentation on the importance of high performance teams and how to build and measure progress.

A nice explanation of how to trigger a GitHub Action from a webhook, using the repository dispatch configuration and API.

A post on what you should be logging, at least from a security point of view. A good overview of the Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) taxonomy from MITRE.

A look at how one security team started building security into the development process by integrating various code scanning tools.

How to use a multilayer cache to improve cache hit rate on long tail content.

What’s the argument for adopting a service mesh? This post explores the question, and some of the advantages and challenges.

What's New in Salt 3003 Aluminium: Beacons, Cloud, Development, Salt Extensions, Performance and caching, Juniper minion, FIPS mode and more.


The first sigstore tool I’ve come across. Cosign allows for signing a container image and storing the signature in the registry, and finding and verifying signatures for a container image.

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