ISSUE #552 - 25th July 2021

A set of posts on Devops transformation, SRE and Kubernetes tools and practices this week. Congrats to everyone involved in the 10th year of the State of Devops report too.

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The latest State of Devops report is out, with some interesting observations based on this years survey around cultural blockers holding up adoption of mature devops practices.

Discussion of the importance of team structures and communication when it comes to devops transformation. Promises, feedback and customer centricity.

It’s easy to have an SRE team or function that feels siloed from other engineering teams. This post examines why, and what you can do about it.

A look at solving the thundering herd problem after clearing a higher level cache.

A look on designing useful altering systems, with a good list of dos and don’ts.

A reasoned argument for not using Kubernetes.

A look at the Headlamp Kuberneters dashboard and why you may consider using it.

If you’re managing the nodes under a Kuberntes cluster you might find some nodes causing problems. This post looks at using the Kubernetes API and extension points to make the cluster self-healing.


SchemaHero is a Kubernetes-native implementation of declarative database schema management.

Ortelius is a platform for managing microservices. It provides a central catalog of services with their deployment specs, application teams can easily consume and deploy services across a cluster.

N8n is a tool for connecting services together, with a visual editor, command line tools, and commons clause self-hosted version available.

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