Happy Holidays

Enjoy the Season

Dear Horse Lovers,
It has been a very busy fall. October was full of horses and people coming to Burwell to ride the beaches of the calamus while staying in the bunkhouse, plus I trained a couple of horses for clients. I also had the 6th annual Women's Camp at Calamus Outfitters, a Spirit Horse Retreat, and private lessons and mini clinics in Omaha and Lincoln the last weekend of the month.

November has been full with some private lessons here at my place, cooking for hunters and cleaning rooms at Calamus Outfitters, a lay speaker conference in Kearney, putting up Christmas decorations for the open house tour of Home on Dec. 4th and my annual Christmas party on Dec. 10th from 1:00-5:00, plus I finally had time to ride my own horses for once. I never seem to stand still for very long and don't give time for any grass to grow under my feet, that is for sure.

I am going to take the month of Dec. off to renew my own spirit, rest, reenergize, spend time with family, cooking for the Christmas Party Dec. 10th, and sing in the Christmas Cantata on Dec. 11th.  I will resume my monthly trips to Omaha and Lincoln starting in Jan.

I will reserve the dates of Jan. 13-16 and Feb. 10-13 to set up private lessons and one day clinics in Omaha and Lincoln.  The back-up dates in case of bad weather and unsafe travel conditions will be Jan 20-23 and Feb. 17-20.
Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested.
308-346-5663 or 308-730-2150 email Sherry at sherry@heartinyourhand.com

The rest of 2012 Schedule can be viewed on the

All dates are subject to change: So Please call first to check availability.
If there isn't anybody signed up for an event and you want to host a clinic or reserve the bunkhouse for that weekend, we will make the necessary changes.
All our business is a first come first serve basis. 


As I think about this holiday season I can't help but think about new beginnings. The baby Jesus in the manger certainly represents a new beginning for the world. And each new year also symbolizes a new beginning for each of us. Many of us make resolutions.
This time of year I always start evaluating the past year before I  begin making new goals for the next year both in my personal and business life. Sometimes it is a painful process.  I know I  wouldn't keep growing if I didn't attempt to be honest with myself. In all honesty each year has it's  challenges.

"Challenges allow for learning and the development of personal strength. If we are never thrown off balance then we never learn how to obtain it."
I stole this quote from my friend Anne's blog.
Click here to read her article "The Balancer".
These words were  just what I needed to hear as I was thrown off balance this past Thanksgiving weekend.  As a result  I have been assessing the balance in my life and praying I will find the correct balance and direction for the new year to come.

As I was thinking of new beginnings I was reminded of a testimony that one of my new students in 2011 shared with me. She came all the way from Ohio to a Trail Ride Camp in May. It rained quite a bit while she was here, and my Dad was in the hospital having a 5-way by-pass heart surgery,  but we were able to ride despite the challenges. Here is her story. I think you will find it very interesting and inspiring.

Nicka and Diane's New Beginning
Sherry, I am thankful for you, for encouraging me this spring when I came out to the bunkhouse with my sister, Cheryl Taylor.  It was truly a wonderful trip and a self-esteem builder. I knew I had forgotten so many things since I was away from horses but I was also pleasantly surprised at what I remembered!
The thing that stood out the most was how good I felt, inside and out, when I was around horses again.
When I got home, I started to look for a horse again but through contacts – not over the internet. I wanted to eliminate the depressing visits to see horses needing so much help (they were practically rescues) to the crazy “scary” horses who needed much more than I could ever offer.
My search ended on August 6th when I found my forever friend (well as long as we are both supposed to be here anyway).
She is a 15 year old Paint Mare, named Nicka Time JMK (Nicka for short).  She has a bald face, two white socks and is a chestnut overo.  She has lived in more states than I have (she was born in Missouri, moved to Colorado, then Michigan & then to Ohio).  We are her LAST home.  She is in foal and is due in April so I will be a “Grandma” too!  We have ridden a little but she had some health issues to deal with right at first (hooves WAY too long, and a fungus infection & thrush in her feet); an infection in her udder that was causing her to be VERY touchy.  Then we had a TON of rain in September & October and by November our riding areas were dangerous mud slicks.  I finally got to ride last weekend – TWICE!   We definitely have some work to do with her on becoming a trail horse but we will get there.  She was behind on her regular shots and we got those caught up right away and then got going on the pregnancy routine injections. 

My hubby and I were out in the barn the other night talking and I told him (with tears welling up in my eyes) that I still can’t believe I own a horse again and I keep pinching myself to make sure it is real.  Her last two owners just had her out to pasture and used her as a broodmare so she wasn’t used to being pampered.  She is really starting to eat up the attention now and enjoys being brushed, and loved on.  
I look forward to coming home from work and changing in to my “play clothes” and heading straight out to the barn – just like I did when I was a kid after school

Thank you for your encouragement and faith in me – you are a BIG reason in my decision to take the plunge of horse ownership.
 I have attached some pictures of Nicka so you can see my pretty girl.

Diane M. Phillips


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" Win Your Horse's Heart" (Be a Better Horseman)

I bought two of your books (one for me and one for my friend, Terry) and she was so excited when I gave it to her.  She sat down and read it in two days!  She is my friend that is a foster Mommy for two to three horses at a time from a local rescue in our area.  She works with them to re-build their trust in ppl and their self-esteem and most often she has to put weight on them – she is nourishing them inside and out.  She said she learned a lot reading your book!
Sherry, keep up your great work and inspiring others with your messages. 

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