Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the Little Things

Dear Horse Lovers,
I'm feeling so thankful! As we approach Thanksgiving Day my thoughts begin to focus more on how blessed we are here in America.  It has been such a lovely fall. The weather has been wonderful and I am happy to have stayed busy working with so many horses and their owners. I can't tell all of you how thankful I am for the buisness and the confidence so many of you have place in me to help you with your horsemanship goals this year. It has been one of my busiest yet. But this business is much more to me than just staying busy and making a living. I feel such deep gratitude to all the horses and people who have touched me in many ways. Each horse I interact with has a way of transforming my horsemanship skills which then has a way of transforming my life.  Each person I interact with teaches me new ways to explain things, how to become a better listener, deepens my compassion for horse lovers, which ultimately drives me toward being a stronger and hopefully more effective leader and instructor. I am just simply overwhelmed with appreciation for each opportunity I have been given this year to teach, share, learn and grow. Because I tell you the truth, the more you teach the more you learn what not to do.

In my gratitude I am moved by how good so many of you have been to me this year. It seems I could never repay all of the people who have supported me in this business over the past 7 years. Like the gals who have come to six alumni camps in a row or those who visited the bunkhouse several times this year. Like the people who take a lesson with me nearly every time I come to Omaha and Lincoln or those who trusted me to take their horse for 30 days. Like the people who take pictures and videos for me or those who have let me stay in their homes, or those who have  helped me with computer problems, accounting and many other aspects of the business. Like my family who put up with my long working hours and traveling, especially Keith who also does all the hard labor around here to keep things working properly.  And then my friends who I can always count on for encouragement and support when I feel like I just can't keep facing the new challenges that always arise in a growing business or in my personal life. 

Even though I can never repay all of you who have touched my life with your kindness over the past 7 years  I certainly can be a blessing to someone else as a way of thanking you for it.  Your goodness and support of my efforts to help both horses and people develop a better relationship is what helps me continue to do what I do best. So many of the new people I have worked with this year are not because of any great advertising or marketing campaign but because of your referrals. So together we are reaching out to others who are seeking to become better partners for their horses. I really appreciate the good referrals I continue to receive from regular clients. Thank you again, you know who you are.

Thankfulness can be quite a motivator. It moves us to do good things for our horses and for others. It moves us to do good things simply because we are thankful for the goodness we have recieved.  And that's thankfulness at its best.

I am thankful for the transformation in me since I began this journey with Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship full time  seven years ago. I certainly am not the person I was when I began it. I may still have a long ways to go to become the best I can be but I  sure am happy for the progress I am making and the changes I have witnessed in so many of you who have been with me from the beginning.  I am looking forward to 2012 and the exciting things that I know will happen as we continue on this wonderful journey of becoming the best horseman we can be for our horses.
Sherry Jarvis

Happy Horses and Happy People
 "It's the way you ride the trail that counts." Dale Evans

Upcoming Events
No lessons in Omaha or Lincoln this month or next
I will resume a monthly schedule in January 2012

The 2012 schedule will come out in next months newsletter.

Nov. 11-12 Sherry is attending Lay Speaker Conference in Kearney

Nov. 18-20 I had on the calendar to come to Omaha and Lincoln for private lessons and mini clinics, however,  I am going to have to skip this month as I will be cooking for hunters at Calamus Outfitters from the 14th until Thanksgiving.

Dec. 4 Open House Tour of Homes at Sherry's Place 2:00-5:00

Dec. 10
Annual Christmas Party in Burwell 1:00-5:00
We will watch the Buck Movie and have treats

Dec. 11 Singing in Burwell Christmas Cantata 7:00 pm

Call 308-346-5663
if you want to come to the Christmas party
I am scheduling private lesson this month and next
at my place in Burwell or fairly close to home.
I will travel for a clinic for a group of 10 people minimum.
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