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Senator Pan is On The Ropes!

We have an opportunity to defeat Senator Richard Pan on November 6!  Beating Pan would change the national vaccine conversation overnight.
In 7 days Pan’s district is going to vote to either keep Pan in office or instead elect Eric Frame.  
Eric supports a personal belief exemption and has been working tirelessly to beat Pan.
We need to unseat Pan (slated become head of the Senate Health Committee) and send a signal to every politician that if you take away medical choice, you will pay the ultimate political price.
To do that, we need your help.   Eric’s campaign has purchased around 600 TV ads per day until election day but we need to get that number to over 1,000 per day.  Every $8 (on average) buys a 15 second TV ads for Eric on major networks (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Comedy Channel, etc.) during daytime and prime hours.  These ads only run in his district, hence the low price tag.  Eric has had amazing professional ads created.
Please provide a large donation (maximum $4,400 per person) to Eric at
You can watch a 2-minute video about Eric here and a door-hanger with more information about him is attached.
Don’t miss this historic opportunity to send a message to every American legislator – if you mess with parental rights, you will be voted out of office.
Please donate right now!
Thank you!
P.S. The campaign also needs 200 people (they have 70 thus far) to join them in Sacramento to speak face-to-face with swing voters.  Del Bigtree is coming this Friday to Sunday and Dr. Bob Sears will be coming up for a day as well.  The plan is to door-knock all day and socialize with Del, Dr. Sears, and the team in the evening.  To help kick out Pan, please email and provide:
(1) dates you can help between Nov 1 and Nov 6,
(2) cell phone number,
(3) from where traveling, and
(4) whether need transport or accommodations. 
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