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Reporter Ben Swann Reveals He Has
the CDC Whistleblower Documents


Today, in an interview with Age of Autism, Ben Swann, a journalist with CBS 46 in Atlanta, revealed that Congressman Bill Posey has released the #CDCwhistleblower documents to Swann, who will in turn be releasing them to the public. These are the CDC records given to Posey by Dr. William Thompson, which reportedly confirm that the CDC has been covering up evidence of vaccine induced autism since at least 2002.

Ben Swann met with the Canary Party for the first time more than two years ago. It was clear that he was a different kind of journalist right from the start. He was a reporter that listened to the public, checked the facts, and was not afraid to report on stories that didn't fit the establishment’s narrative.

Swann began reporting on the vaccine corruption story in 2013 in an interview with The Canary Party's Chairman, Mark Blaxill. He covered the #CDCwhistleblower story in 2014 when we brought the new developments in the story to his attention. This fall, after moving from the midwest to CBS in Atlanta, he reported on the CDC protests and Congressman Posey’s statement, which detailed that the CDC was throwing away data that showed links between vaccines and autism.

As a result of Ben Swann's old world and honest journalism, he has become a trusted news source for hundreds of thousands of Americans who follow his online outlet, Truth In Media. Swann has now been given the CDC documents that the public has been so eager to read to sort out the details of the CDC cover-up of vaccine induced autism.

He told the Age of Autism today that he will be releasing the documents to the public after a detailed review.

We at the Canary Party believe it is a rare and valuable circumstance to have a reporter follow corruption stories no matter where they lead. Ben Swann is currently raising funds for more of his independent news packages. He has a new project called Global Activist that investigates the truths that the mainstream media has abandoned.

If Ben Swann is willing to cover the #CDCwhistleblower story, imagine all the other important and valuable work he is capable of producing. Please consider giving to the efforts of his team on IndiGoGo to keep true journalism alive.

Ben Swann on the attempt by CDC to hide vaccine-autism links from the public:

“... to say we can't let [the public] know what we think we know demonstrates an entire level of corruption within the agency that says that you don't matter and your kids don't matter, and that the public doesn't have a right to know. 
If the public doesn't have a right to know, in my humble opinion, then the agency doesn't need to exist.  Because an agency that exists for the protection of the public that hides truth from the public, is not serving in the public's interest."

Let's support Truth in Media by donating to Ben Swann's Global Activist campaign on IndiGoGo.

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