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Dr. Pan Does Not Believe Parents Accounts Of Mistreatment On Vaccine Decisions!

Have you ever been harassed, bullied or kicked out of a medical practice for turning down a vaccine?  Dr. Pan believes it has never happened to you!

When Canary Party Members visited his office to speak with him about his bill, AB2109, which forces parents to get a doctor to sign off on a philosophical exemption, Dr. Pan told parents that he did not believe that his bill would prevent anyone from getting a vaccine exemption, because he believes doctors will sign them!  When he was told of the poor treatment that parents get when turning down a vaccine in a doctors office, HE DID NOT BELIEVE THEM!  

A quote from one of our members who talked with Dr. Pan:

"Dr. Pan insisted repeatedly that doctors will sign off on these exemptions, no problem. He did not believe the first hand accounts of doctors harassing, bullying, and kicking parents out for vaccine refusal that those I was with were giving. He asked for names, addresses, and numbers for doctors who behave this way. If you have such an account, make sure they know about it: Dr. Richard Pan 916-452-0505 phone 916-319-2180 fax"
So write up your experience, along with your opposition to the bill, and send it to Dr. Pan, the California representative who is sponsoring AB2109.  He claims that Parents will EASILY be able to find a doctor to sign off on a vaccine exemption under his new law!

Keep the pressure on Pan to WITHDRAW THIS BILL!  Canary members both visiting and calling say that the pressure on him is working and needs to be turned up!  

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