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Why do my toes NEVER feel warm?

Turns out, when it's cold, your body wants to keep your core warm and starts to ignore your extremities, causing your hands and feet to cool down. Research also shows that women are nine times more likely to develop cold in their extremities than men. Women are also more likely to suffer from Raynaud's disease — a condition where not enough blood gets to the fingers and toes, causing extreme feelings of cold and pain. Women also have thinner skin on their feet than men, which limits necessary insulation from the cold.

Poor blood flow and cold feet can ultimately lead to dryness, cracking and unrelenting discomfort.

How can you finally keep your toes warm and cozy?

Keeping warm by the fire

Smoking, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and even sleep deprivation can all negatively impact blood flow, causing your feet to always feel cold. Eat more iron-rich foods (egg yolks, dark leafy greens, turkey, dried fruit) and stay active to build more insulating muscle mass.


  • Make sure your shoes aren't too tight. This can cut off necessary blood flow to your feet and toes.
  • This may sound counter-intuitive, but take off your socks when you can. When your feet sweat — this can still happen when they feel cold — they add moisture to your foot area that not only creates risk for fungal infection, but can also chill your feet. Rub your feet (or have your partner do it, for once) as this will stimulate blood flow and naturally warm your feet.
  • Wear thicker, natural fiber socks (wool or cotton) that will insulate your feet and whisk away excess sweat. 
As always...

Drink plenty of water. This will help to create a proper moisture balance within your skin to better retain heat.

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