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Day 1: Tips to stay healthy at parties

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12 Days of You!

It seems like the last couple months of the year go by too fast to get everything done, let alone find time to relax, workout and eat healthy. 

So that's why we're bringing you, The 12 Days of You! We'll have a new post each day for 12 days, helping you find ways to save money, get enough sleep, relax and not wake up in 2012 embarrassed to look at the scale. 

Visit the Aidance Skincare blog each day for The 12 Days of You — and watch your e-mail for a little surprise at the end!

Take Care of You Day 1

Day 1: A Few Tips to Stay Healthy at Parties

1. Don't go to a party on an empty stomach. That way you'll feel less inclined to take a permanent seat next to the buffet table.

2. Drink lots of water. This goes for any day of the year, but it's especially important during these hectic, alcohol-infused weeks. Try alternating between water and alcohol throughout the night if you're drinking.

3. Use peppermint scented candles or air fresheners. Recent studies have shown that inhaling peppermint effectively suppresses appetite.

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