What if every classroom practiced mindfulness in 2015? 
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Dear Susan,

Amid the excitement of a new year, here is an exercise to help focus the mind and bring clarity your work.

We also invite you to learn more about emotional intelligence in parenting and education with two new courses. Also, check out our revised, updated web pages for Center for Social Emotional Learning, complete with new classroom activities.

Let me know what you think! Warmest New Year's greetings,

Susan Stillman, Ed.D.

Director of Education, Six Seconds

A New Year’s Mindfulness Reflection

Many educators, relying on sound research that supports the benefits, are exploring mindfulness and its many uses. Nikki Exelbert, psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, and parent coach shared with me some thoughts on mindfulness in the New Year.

When I think about the beginning of the New Year, it also brings to mind reflection on the year that's passed.  What seeds were planted and sown? Which seeds planted never grew?  What has grown that hasn't been able to be seen before now?  

Like the present moment, which has within it the past and the future all bound up in it; so does reflection upon the New year.  All of what was, what is, and what will be is all in its whole.  That is, this very precious moment is bursting with mystery, knowing and not-knowing.  But how do we rest in this trio?  For me, one way of doing this is my practice of Meditation.  It's in this space that my mind (if I'm lucky) will release its need to "figure it all out", and expand into and rest in the beautiful places that don't need to know and figure it out.  Rather, just being, breathing, restoring, stillness, and presence are available.

 I want to be around others who are practicing in this way, because in this way of being, or practicing, we feed each other.  Can we lean into those around us, like my dog, in this picture, is leaning into my leg as I meditate, and can we share in the beauty of non-doing?

I want to scream yes we can!  Yes, we can as a culture influence one another by what resides inside of us and help others and ourselves by being aware of the masks we wear, how we carry this body around, and the world of communication that happens without any words at all. So in this New Year, know that your thoughts, your words, your actions; they really do matter.  Not just on day one of the new year, but each and everyday.  Find someone you can be vulnerable with and practice leaning in, or allowing them to lean into you.  Let’s not add more aggression to our world this year.  Imagine if everyone everywhere made this their mantra? Happy New Year!


New in Emotional Intelligence for Education

Six Seconds Certification Courses:

EQ Tools for Educators (EQTE)

The next EQ Tools for Educators virtual and e-learning course begins Tuesday, January 20 at 10AM-11:30AM Pacific. Participants become EQ Assessors, certified to use all our SEI, SEI-YV, and SEI-360 tools, as well as the Educational Vital Signs (EVS) school climate assessment. The course runs for six weeks, with lots of opportunities for 1:1 coaching and group work. Please see the 6 Seconds website for details or to register with Jenny@6seconds.org

SEI-YV for EQ Assessors

The FREE SEI-YV online and e-learning course is designed for previously Certified EQ Assessors who would like to work with youth using the Six Seconds SEI-YV assessment tool. Certification requires attendance at a 90 minute virtual class, completion of three modules in our e-learning site, and practicum work with facilitator/peers prior to completion of a minimum of two SEI-YV debriefs. The next course will be February 2nd.

Please see the 6 Seconds website for details or register with Jenny@6seconds.org. http://www.6seconds.org/events/eq-tools-education-virtual-certification/

Office Hours:

Join us for conversation on topics of interest to you on social emotional learning.

The Center for Social Emotional Learning (CSEL) Office Hours are weekly on Fridays at 9AM Pacific.

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States (Long distance):
+1 (872) 240-3412


Access Code:


More phone numbers:


iSEL: Introduction to SEL for Educators

iSEL is our amazing free virtual course for educators. It includes six online modules, packed with videos, readings, resources, activities to try, and opportunities to contribute to discussion forums. You work through the units independently, at your own leisure, exploring what you are most interested in.

In addition, we offer weekly drop-in and regularly scheduled discussion groups to share thoughts and feelings together. We wrote this course with the assistance of many experts in SEL and network members, worldwide, who shared their experience and feedback with us.  Fielding Graduate University is our co-sponsor.

One thousand people joined the course during the last year.  Now it’s your turn!


We would like you to go through the six modules with us, and if you’re interested, learn to be a discussion leader so you can create your own group in your setting, or moderate one of the global online groups through the six sessions**

Click here to join the next iteration of our iSEL Project:

Project Timing:
Now through first week of Feb:  Participants join and explore the online content of iSEL.  Go at your own pace. Optionally, join one of the weekly drop-in groups HERE.

Groups will run every Tuesday, 9AM Pacific (San Francisco) time. Location, ONLINE HERE.

You do not have to attend each week, nor do you need to sign up ahead of time.  Please come when you can!

Starting 2nd week of Feb: Join a scheduled weekly online meeting. In six sessions, we will discuss the iSEL modules, and you will learn how to create and lead your own group. **

Two options:

•    A: starts Feb 10 9:00 am Pacific (San Francisco) time.

•    B: starts Feb 12 4:00 pm Pacific (San Francisco) time

Starting end of March: We’ll launch a new “start” of iSEL, and you can bring your own members and lead your own group!

** in addition, we’ll be promoting iSEL online, forming online groups, and looking for volunteer leaders.  So if you want to be a moderator, but don’t have your own group, go ahead and join the project, and we will find a group and connect you as leader or co-leader. it will be great fun!

Parenting EQ 101

What are some ways that parents can benefit from EQ? We’ve gathered a host of parents and parenting experts from around the world and asked them!  


They helped us collaborate to create a free course for parents — Parenting EQ 101, and we need your help! Join to take the course in the PILOT PHASE and help refine, improve, and mentor the program **.


Come join Phase 3 of our Parenting Project by participating in our pilot group. Go HERE for details.



Choose the best discussion time for you.

  • Tuesdays, 11am Rome time — starting Jan 20

  • Thursdays, 11am San Francisco time — starting Jan 22

  • Saturdays, 10am San Francisco time — starting Jan 24


If you are interested, please see the Project Page  for up to date contact information for each option or contact
Ilaria Boffa

or Susan Stillman  

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