January 2021
By Honor Forte
Director of Sales, Wholesale Support and Training

Happy 2021 folks. I am encouraged to hear a lot of you are feeling optimistic looking at the coming year. I believe we're all going to be slowly building together. Do you have an idea of something Olympia Coffee can do to help you build business this year? Reach out to your rep soon and we'd love to make a plan to support you in new creative ways, or even share it on our social media channels if it would be helpful. We're looking forward to helping.

Most notably this month is our first price increase in over 2 years starting February 1st. This increase is only on 12oz bags for 4 of our year-round coffees. No bulk coffees are increasing as this is only a response to increased retail packaging costs. Price increases are never fun to share, but hopefully this can help you build a bigger margin on these coffees as well.  Details are in the first section below. 

The other notable section this month is for Sweetheart customers. Sweetheart has seismically changed recently; for the first time it's a blend rather than a single origin. Read below for details.

Oliver's notes from around the coffee world are below too. I'm proud we can share this info each month, I hope it builds excitement and confidence in you and your teams as we all serve these amazing coffees to guests. 

Thank you and happy New Year!

PS. send this sign-up form along to your employees and coworkers to help them get this info from us each month. We appreciate it!

Price Increase: February 1st 2021

Starting with the February 1st roast date, we have new pricing for four of our 12oz retail packaged coffees: Big Truck, Morning Sun, Little Buddy, and Sweetheart.

Prices are increasing 50 cents per retail package MSRP, and wholesale pricing will increase an average of 28 cents per package, depending on your volume-based wholesale discount. This increase is based on our packaging costs increasing.

New Prices (MSRP):

Big Truck $16.50
Morning Sun $15.50
Sweetheart $17.00
Little Buddy $17.50

A reminder that our website is used to publish our MSRP but we do not have MAP pricing. There is no required resale price for these items. Pricing for bulk coffees by the pound remain unchanged.

Global Coffee Updates: January 2021

By Oliver Stormshak

Owner, Green Coffee Buyer, and Roast Master

Happy New Year. We are excited to source, roast, and brew some of the very best coffees in the world in 2021.

In Colombia, the harvest season continues. Larger volumes tend to be produced during this time of year, though in years past, we haven't seen as many quality micro-lots produced in January. Still, there is always a chance! Labor continues to be a real struggle and pricing for everything from labor to inputs is at least 20% higher this season due to disruptions from the Coronavirus pandemic. While the harvest continues in Colombia we don't have any scheduled shipments for export. However, we do have some coffee arriving to us this month that left the country in December. These arrivals will add to a very long list of coffees that we currently have in warehousing for what will be our traditional Colombian Micro Lot season.
Each year from February through June we enjoy a rapid rotation of some of the very best micro-lots from Colombia. This year will not disappoint! This month we start the season with the fan-favorite, San Sebastian Reserva, our blend of coffees we build from our network of farmers in the town of San Sebastian De La Plata.

In Ethiopia, the harvest season really ramps up in the early months and often some of the best coffees from Ethiopia are harvested in January. In the roastery, mid-January brings a change to our lineup on the Natural processed position. We will sell out of the Hambela Natural 215 and move on to the world exclusive lot called Eshetu Natural. This coffee is really special. This award-winning lot from producer Eshetu Mergiya Teklegiorgis took sixth place at the Cup of Excellence (COE) Ethiopia competition. Believe it or not, this is Eshetu's first submission to the competition and more broadly, to the international market! We were fortunate to taste this debut coffee in Addis Ababa last February while sourcing coffee in Ethiopia. The spectacular flavors led us to purchase half of his lot on the spot--and we would've purchased the whole thing if the rest hadn't already been submitted to the competition.
We have had some great developments on the shipping of last year's harvest since last month. All of our remaining coffees have arrived safely in the USA and the arrival tastings are showing that these coffees arrived in great condition with no degradation despite the long journey. We look forward to a fantastic Winter, Spring, and Summer filled with coffees from Ethiopia's best single producer coffees.

El Salvador:
El Salvador is hitting the peak of its harvest year this month. Producers expect a good volume of coffee this year with little reports of problems except finding labor to help with the harvesting of cherries. Checking in with the team in El Salvador: while the COVID-19 numbers remain really small, it sounds like most of the community has already encountered the virus first hand. Testing in these rural areas is simply not something you can rely on. 2021 will be the first year that we will not be visiting El Salvador firsthand since we started working there. We have deep relationships that I'm so grateful for so there should be no hiccups with our sourcing and supply of coffees from El Salvador.

In the roastery, we have our very last of the 2020 harvest in stock. We're currently roasting La Palma Honey with a few more weeks until we sell out and just a few more weeks of our current Sweetheart which is a blend of washed and natural processed coffee from El Salvador's Ariz Family.

The harvest in Guatemala is progressing forward with full steam. We are finalizing our 2021 contracts now. We are really excited to continue into our second year on our new Huehuetenango El Templo project. 

In the roastery, we have the last of the harvest still available and it's tasting great at this time. We have just a few bags left of Marta Mejia's coffee until we get into the very small lot from Gilberto Ramirez.

Our Burundi coffees are now contracted for importation to the west coast of the USA and are projected to arrive in March. This is about 3 months later than we normally get Burundi coffees to arrive into the country, so plan accordingly.

We are about halfway through our last lot from Karatu and our last of the 2020 harvest. We expect to have Kenyan lots in stock through March until Burundi arrives. 

The 2021 harvest is now over in Kenya, coffees are finishing off with drying, curing, and milling before export starts in the spring. We hope to see our first Long Miles Coffee Kenya early in the Summer.

We have some awesome news to share, our first Peruvian coffee in eight years is now sailing towards us. We were able to approve and fulfill all of our quantity contracts and desired quality. We are super excited to launch this new origin...stay tuned!

Let us not forget about Hawaii. We have been sourcing a small amount of Hawaiian coffee for the last four years. These lots are always highly anticipated and sell out within minutes. We will continue to bring in some of the best coffee from the Rainbow State this year, so again stay tuned!

Online Barista Classes
Our Wholesale partners can now attend our classes via Zoom. They are open and free to anyone serving Olympia Coffee.

If you can't attend, we're sharing the videos to view after. They're interactive but with social distancing in mind, and the ability to watch at your own convenience later!

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Olympia Coffee 101 - Replay on Vimeo anytime
This class took place on Thursday August 6th
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Our Story, Our Coffees, and Espresso/Milk Basics - Essential for all new Baristas serving Olympia Coffee.
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WATCH: Social Media Development 101 - Replay on Vimeo
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This class was lead by Alvin Kim, our marketing and social media manager. Get a snapshot into how we are growing our online presence and brand recognition, and how you can improve yours.
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WATCH: Coffee at Origin - Replay on Vimeo
This class took place on Thursday May 28th 10am-12pm
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This class was lead by Honor. It features an overview of coffee growing, processing, and sourcing, with a focus on Olympia Coffee's Fair For All practices. 
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Espresso Specs
Our Trainer's Current Recommendations

*Take Note of Sweetheart Updates in particular*

Big Truck - Organic Blend
Colombia San Fermin and Ethiopia Chelchele Natural

Recommended at 1:2 Ratio
18g dose, 36g yield, 22-32 seconds
Asterisk - Decaf
Colombia San Sebastian - Sugarcane Processed Decaffeination

Recommended at 1:2 Ratio
18g dose, 36g yield, 22-32 seconds
Little Buddy  - Seasonal Blend
Kenya Karatu, El Salvador El Aguila Bourbon Washed, El Salvador El Aguila Bourbon Natural, and Ethiopia Chelechele Natural Lot 215

18g dose, 40-42g yield, 26-29 seconds
Sweetheart - Our seasonal Blend

This iteration of Sweetheart, and every Sweetheart from here on out, will be a blend.  Currently the blend is featuring the Ariz Family’s Washed + Natural processed Bourbon variety from El Salvador. While it's technically a single origin still, it is a blend of two processes for the first time and will continue to evolve similarly. THe info below is from our trainer Reyna:

“Our goal is to make a perfectly balanced espresso.  After doing some roasting testing, Oliver's come up with a blend recipe that he feels is a great fit for a perfectly balanced espresso, and continues our producer partnerships that Sweetheart is built on.   Our first "blend" is from the Ariz Family, and it'll be a Bourbon Washed + Natural, and it'll be a pre-blended coffee.  With pre-blending, there's a couple of things that happen, especially when it comes to espresso.  You're "cooking" the coffees exactly the same.  As a barista, there shouldn't be jumps or pockets, where you have a shot that's primarily natural or primarily washed, and you don't have perfect density within the blend.  Pre-blending should mitigate this by controlling the water content, sugar development, density, etc.  Obviously, there will be a little flavor complexity that happens in a blend.  This first version is very smooth, milk chocolate-y, with berries on the finish.  The blend recipe will change, about every 2 months, and there will be a pretty deep transition, but the Ariz Family Bourbon Natural will be a static component in this blend.”

I tried quite a few different specs for this espresso, and the sweet spot for this coffee is pretty incredible.  It’s lovely to have a fruitier coffee on bar again!  Here are my specs:


18g in
36g - 42g out
27 - 29 sec


18g in
6 to 8 seconds pre-infusion
36 - 41g out
27 - 29 sec

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