Wholesale News, August 2020
By Honor Forte
Director of Sales, Wholesale Support and Training

Hello all,

Welcome to August at Olympia Coffee! This month our retail cafes are continuing to build business again slowly - I hope this means each of you are also seeing daily increases too?

I'm  always looking for ways to support our partnerships better. Some of you have reached out this month seeking advice on improving employee and co-worker morale and how you can help relieve the stress of the environment for baristas. I've helped a few business owners navigate this topic by pulling in advice from Oliver and Sam, owners of Olympia Coffee, and from fellow business owners in the community, and I believe it has helped all of us to improve what we do. Nothing is off limits if you believe it's something we might be able to assist with, and we would love the opportunity. Reach out to me or your rep - Tyler and Patrick - if you need a sounding board or advice on morale or anything important to you, and we'll always do our best to get you connected to answers. Truthfully we are looking forward to new ways of helping in these times.

This month is also a crazy coffee month. Like, if you were waiting on Olympia Coffee to have more offerings in the lineup your time has arrived. See the coffee schedule and Global Coffee Updates below. Im currently drinking a fresh-crop natural processed Ethiopia coffee again and it makes me so happy.

And just a reminder again, our
Transparency Report is out for the year - share it with your staff if you haven't yet. It's my favorite thing we get to share. Hang in there everyone!
Honor Forte
Olympia Coffee Director of Sales

PS. send this sign-up form along to your employees and coworkers to help them get this info from us each month. We appreciate it!
Online Barista Classes
Our Wholesale partners can now attend our classes via Zoom. They are open and free to anyone serving Olympia Coffee.

If you can't attend, we're sharing the videos to view after. They're interactive but with social distancing in mind, and the ability to watch at your own convenience later!

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Olympia Coffee 101 - Replay on Vimeo anytime
This class took place on Thursday August 6th
Watch now with password: WHOLESALEOCR

Our Story, Our Coffees, and Espresso/Milk Basics - Essential for all new Baristas serving Olympia Coffee.
Wach on Vimeo NOW: Olympia Coffee 101

WATCH: Social Media Development 101 - Replay on Vimeo
This class took place on Thursday June 4th 10am-12pm
Watch the replay with password:

This class was lead by Alvin Kim, our marketing and social media manager. Get a snapshot into how we are growing our online presence and brand recognition, and how you can improve yours.
Watch on Vimeo NOW: Social Media Class, Password WHOLESALEOCR

WATCH: Coffee at Origin - Replay on Vimeo
This class took place on Thursday May 28th 10am-12pm
Watch the replay with password:

This class was lead by Honor. It features an overview of coffee growing, processing, and sourcing, with a focus on Olympia Coffee's Fair For All practices. 
Watch on Vimeo NOW: Coffee at Origin Class, Password WHOLESALEOCR
Global Coffee Updates: August 2020

By Oliver Stormshak

Owner, Green Coffee Buyer, and Roast Master

August is the bountiful month of harvest in our home here in western Washington and is proving to be a bountiful month around the world, too. We eagerly await our new crop coffees. Read more here to learn about each coffee origin we're working with this month.

Colombia's harvest is coming down from its peak in July and we are now seeing weekly lots from producers finish up the drying process. We're pleased to note that we're sampling generally higher quality lots! We've already marked some of our samples as micro-lots and others are being worked into San Sebastian Reserva. We expect new crop Colombian coffees to arrive in the country in October and November. In the roastery, we are roasting my personal favorite coffee in the current lineup, Clinton Ossa Micro Lot 13.

Ethiopian coffee production is currently dormant, but on the arrival side things are clearly heating up. Most of our natural-processed coffees and about half of our annual inventory are now in the United States and on their way to us. We are moving all our arrived inventory to warehouse storage in Western Washington for easier access. Our first two arrivals, Chelchele Natural Lot 225 and Buna Boka are on the menu and are the standouts you would expect from us and Ethiopia.

El Salvador:
We are just about to roll out our collection of higher-end micro-lots from El Salvador starting with Ariz Family Pacamara. The Pacamara is a hybrid varietal originally from El Salvador and is personally one of my very favorite varietals. This first lot will be the washed version of the Ariz Pacamara, the second lot will be a Honey Process from the same farm and varietal. Our former green coffee relationship manager Marco Ariz was in charge of the production and processing of all the Ariz Family lots this year for the first time. I'm really excited to get to work with these coffees and see what Marco learned from his work globally with Olympia Coffee (hint: it's mind-blowing). Towards the end of August and into September we'll start releasing lots from our La Palma project with small scale producers in Chalatenango.

We are going through Kenya micro-lots really fast; we are almost on to our third micro-lot already in roasting! In August we will be roasting the Karatu Peaberry Micro Lot 20 and the Kibiru AA Micro Lot 20. Kenya is currently in its second coffee harvest for the year because, much like Colombia, it's located directly on the equator. However, we won't be sourcing coffee from their fly crop this year as those coffees would arrive at us this coming winter, and we are currently anticipating much higher volumes from Burundi than recent years at that time.

We are continuing to feature the incredible El Templo Reserva (seriously this coffee is awesome, some of the very best Guatemalan coffee this year). We also have a pretty good supply of the Martínez Sisters Micro Lot still on hand to last through the remainder of the summer. These coffees were harvested and processed through the winter and Spring of 2020 and farms are currently awaiting their next harvest at the end of the year.

While we are sad that we can't travel around the world right now to visit our farmers I'm really pleased to work with such a strong partner like Long Miles Coffee Project. Long Miles has really been nailing quality in samples this year. We have approved 100% of our contracted lots so far. The calibration process has been really outstanding thanks to the team at Long Miles Coffee and the two hills we work with, Mikuba and Gitwe. These coffees should be arriving in Olympia for roasting by the beginning of 2021.

Peru is a new project for us this year and is moving along smoothly. We have officially partnered with Caravela Coffee to launch this new project in southern Peru in the Cusco area. We are calling this project Espiritu Wari. Quality on early samples from Espiritu Wari has been good so far. Coffees are in the drying stages of production at the moment there and we should be receiving pre-shipment samples in the next few weeks. Our ETA is a December arrival date for these coffees. We are building a program for Sweetheart, Reserva, and Micro Lots offerings.

Coffee Inventory Timeline: August 2020

Coffees coming over the next month:

El Salvador
Ariz Family Pacamara Honey
Matias Hernandez Pacamara
Benjamin Garcia Pacamara
Orlando Aguilar Honey Micro Lot

Kibiru AA Micro Lot 20
Kibiru Peaberry Micro Lot 16
Karatu AA Micro Lot 16
Karatu Peaberry Micro Lot 16
Coffees coming later this year:

Colombia New-crop shipments land in Olympia in late August
Peru Espiritu Wari project launching in December with Sweetheart, Reserve and Micro Lot offerings

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