Good Idea or God Idea?  Here comes a sneak peek at 2018.
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WHAT is GiGi?

Crowd Sourced Wisdom: Good Idea/God Idea 

We hosted our 10th annual Great Wolf Lodge Planning meeting 2 weeks ago following 90 days of Good Idea/God Idea discernment with over 50 key staff & supporters. At the meeting we did something we've never done before: put the 6 alternatives facing us to a vote. 52 present at the meeting voted. 48 chose the option below.

10-year champion, Brian Elbert gave this impression: I came home and told Judy, “amazing volunteers voted to make it way harder AND the surprising part was that individuals said they would do it, not let the other guy do it." 

2018 GOD IDEA PLAN....
JUL 13-14, 2018: 75 members of The300 host the All-in-One Mini Run at Lakewood Summerfest (26,000 attendees)
AUG 8-11, 2018: The300 will host the 4US FESTIVAL. The world's ONLY All-in-One 5K on Friday Night and Saturday Morning + Festival + Guinness Squirt Gun Fight.  

WHAT IS AN ALL-IN-ONE FUN RUN?  Here's a clue...

A moment of Zen...Huh?
We'll fill in the details in the coming weeks. But know this: Even though it's harder - hosting the event will be easier.


Your Checklist for the Next 10 Days

  • Fundraising pledges are due NOV 30
    • Email with issues
  • 2018 Squad Leads must
    • Register for The300 between JAN 1-31
    • Serve at Lakewood Summerfest JUL 13-14
    • Serve with The300 AUG 8-11
  • Prepare your pastors for our Pastor Luncheons
    • JAN 24: North Sound at Seattle Yacht Club
    • JAN 25: South at CI Shenanigan's, Tacoma
  • Give thanks to God on THU NOV 24 for:
    • God Ideas. 
    • Your life, here...and in Him.
    • Donors who've committed to helping us go from 10 machines to 100 per year.
    • Our PRCs who serve on the front lines.



Deep thinking men & women of God counseled Kim and I to "drop the Rally and focus on OPERATION illumiNATION" (our 5-year plan to go from 10 to 100 machines per year). God spoke to us through them -- but it wasn't the answer they (or we) expected. 

Kim and I will be focusing on the national growth plan -- using our typical 1,500-2,500 annual volunteer hours that we normally use for The300 and Rally event. Thanks to our Life10 Leadership Staff, and those who answered the call to lead at the Great Wolf Lodge -- they will focus on The300 Mission Trip and renamed Rally event. Our mission will grow and thrive. We need you to help us grow this mission.

Why is this important?  Kim probably put it best. 

When asked by a revered counselor "What is your personal mission for The300 and 4US?"  Kim replied,

"To slay Planned Parenthood."

What's another name for those so inspired by the 4US mission to equip PRC's with ultrasounds that they'll serve with The300?

"Dragon Slayers."

As Kim, the kids, and I gather around the Thanksgiving table this Thursday -- I'll give thanks for those Dragon Slayers among The300 and serving at our PRCs.



PS I hope to highlight at least one "Dragon Slayer" per newsletter in the coming year.  Do you know a member of The300 that you want to recognize as a Dragon Slayer? Email me and let me know.

Private 300 Group
NOV 4-5 Great Wolf Lodge Planning Retreat

NOV 28 Giving Tuesday 10-day 10K Match (does NOT apply to 300 fundraising)

NOV 30 4US Booth at Vitae Foundation Dinner Seattle

NOV 30 Pledges Due

DEC 5 New 300 Flier

DEC 7 Last Day for 10-day 10K Match 

DEC 10
New 4US Fest Flier

DEC 15 New 300 Video

DEC (TBD) Machine to Wenatchee

DEC (TBD) Machine to Grant's Pass

DEC TBD Machine to Thrive PRC, St Louis MO

DEC 25 Christmas 

DEC 31 Last day for tax-deductible donations

******2018 DATES*****

JAN 1 The300 Online Registration Opens $0 Fee

JAN TBD Machine to Miami Valley PRC, Dayton OH

JAN 22 4US Booth at March for Life, Olympia

JAN 24 Pastor Luncheon North Sound / Seattle

JAN 25 Pastor Luncheon South Sound / Tacoma

JAN 31 300 Event/Squad Leader Registration Deadline

FEB 1 4US FUN FEST Registration Opens 

MAR 1 300 Reg Fee $25

MAR 15 Adopt-a-Center Phase 2 Launch

MAR TBD PRC Champions Luncheon

APR 1 Easter

APR 27-29 Adults Only Retreat, Alexander's Lodge

MAY 1 300 Fee: $50
JUL 1 300 Fee: $100
AUG 1 300 Fee: $150


AUG 12 Sleep :)
These vids/tools are found at The300 QUIVER tab.
The300 Mission Trip
4US Mission Vid
What's a LifeLine?
Adopt-A-Center FINAL D1_1 (New VO)
The300 Epic Legacy
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