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Dear Heroes -
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm writing this from a position of desperation: Three weeks ago I was made aware of a short-notice emergency need from Care Net of Puget Sound's 6 centers. 4 of their machines (which we provided almost a decade ago) are on the verge of failure. No clear images, means lives lost.

Our "adoption process" typically takes 6-9 months -- which is why we ask centers to apply early so we can recruit donors. These 4 centers need machines within 2 months!  Since then, I've devoted almost all my spare time to reaching out to sponsors, the Knights of Columbus (national, state, & local), and the Archdiocese to streamline approval so the Knights can do their part.  This is where you come in.

I'm hoping you'll:
  • Read this newsletter
  • Pray about it
  • Click a Link
  • Commit to one of 4 options listed below by DEC 1
Since our 2018 event I've had 4 goals for 4US -- here's my report card:
  • Sell Off Our Event Equipment
    • GRADE: B 
  • Launch Adopt-a-Center as a lean, clean, intuitive website for donors
    • GRADE: B+
  • Retain Prior Donors and Recruit New Donors
    • GRADE: A-
  • Inspire, Engage and Equip The300 to raise $90,000 per year
    • GRADE: D
If you tour The300 web site -- you'll see we've made a lot of improvements -- but for 2019, it's too little, too late.  By now, I was hoping to have launched a new 300 video, and awesome online tools to help you build teams, with suggestions to help raise your $300. My job at Boeing has never been busier (if you've been watching the news, you know why). But I refuse to quit helping centers in need.  Our super lean staff (Kim, Becki, and Randele) feel the same way.  This is where you come in.

TO HELP THESE 4 CENTERS WE NEED $25,000 from The300.  When matched by local Knights and then again by the national Knights we will deliver 4 machines to Care Net Centers in:
  • Lakewood
  • Puyallup
  • Kenmore
  • Gig Harbor
We need a Christmas Miracle: with God's help, nothing is impossible for The Hallelujah Heroes.  In short -- while I've accepted that the 600 prior members of The300 receiving this newsletter can't raise $90,000 by DEC 31 -- I'm asking EACH OF YOU to commit to one of the 4 options listed below.
  • Give $40 before DEC 31
    • If all 600 give -- that will be $24,000. Woo-hoo!
    • If 300 give, that will be $12,000. Which -- if added to a matching challenge commitment of $13,0000 with Bellmont Cabinetry and Oak Harbor Freight, will get us to $25,000.
  • Create a fundraising page to raise $300 by DEC 31
  • Commit to $25/mo recurring donation right now (that's $300 per year)
    • Some of you have already done this! Thank you!
  • Pledge to create a $300 fundraising page in JAN 2020 to $300 each.
    • Our 4 kids have signed on to do this.  
    • But have also raised $$ for 2019 (see below).
You might be asking yourself: How are Diego & Kim's kids raising $25/month?  

We gave them 3 options:
  • CHORES 4 LIFE: Find something around the house that Mom & Dad are willing to pay $25 to have them do -- beyond normal every day expectations (eg., dishes, trash, brushing teeth, changing underwear, etc).  
  • DONUTS 4 LIFE: Host our church donut/coffee social hour once a month. This gets $25/mo from the proceeds for each of our 4 kids! 
  • BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS 4 LIFE: Kidding. Totally kidding.

DONUTS 4 LIFE Team members, David Wendt, Aidan Cashman, Danny Wendt, and Brian Wendt selling donuts & coffee at St Patrick's Tacoma. On average, each kid earns $25 (sometimes more) per Sunday. NOTE: The kids earn $25 whether they choose the happy teen or unhappy teen option. 

The300 are NOT DEAD.  Let's remember where we came from.  And until we know where we're going -- let's do what we do best -- slay dragons and save lives. 


Love you,

            DIEGO WENDT
            Founder, 4US  /  The300 Lead Freak / Megaphone Afficianado

PS So you made it all the way down here, and still haven't clicked a link?  Tell me what I need to do to get you to click a link.  
PPS Where did the title of this email come from?  One of my favorite songs from before most of the kids reading this email was born.  It is very relevant to my early days courting Kim.
PPPS Now I'm Begging: Anyone committing to one of the 4 options listed above will learn "the rest of the story" as to how it ties in to winning back the woman who would be my bride from an evil triathlete.
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I don't know what to write here since we don't have an event scheduled yet. But we may host a big reunion next spring. We'll figure that out together. :)
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