To "re-member" The300 -- let's rejoice in some favorite memories.
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Re-membering The300

From the ashes of The Rally -- The300 will be re-born

This newsletter is being sent to over 600 members of The300 since 2012. In the next 12 weeks, together, we'll re-envision what The300 will become without the Rally.

Last week The300 reflected on our event from a year ago -- and for our 3,500 "illluminator subscribers" we offered a Requiem for The Rally.  Today, let's remember who we are, where we came from, and share some of of our favorite memories of The300 Mission Trip.

Remember the 1st Brigade: 2012? 

51 heroes hosted a Friday night concert and Saturday bike rides, runs & walks. We didn't even have a Light Brigade yet! I can name every face in the pic. So many of these faces went on from High School to adulthood -- while "growing up with The300." And we all remember the one wonderful man who went from our Supreme Allied Commander of the World's Largest Squirt Gun Fight attempt in AUG of 2014 his heavenly home just 4 months later.

That small rag-tag group of warriors gave birth to a movement that would:

  • Host 6 more Rallies from 2013-2018
  • Grow to 300 members from 9 different states in 2018
  • Help raise over $1,000,000
  • Deliver 40 machines to centers across the US
  • Save over 40,000 lives

Not bad for a bunch of amateurs.


The 2018 mission trip was unique for having set up an entire event, to essentially tear it down before any one really got to use it.  Only a crazy bunch of Christians could call a 4-day suffer-fest like that "the best mission trip I've ever been on."  

So where do we go from here? We've got an idea, outlined below my signature block. But before we get into a road-map to rebirth -- let's share some of our favorite memories of The300.  Here are mine -- will you share yours?*

Diego's List of The300 Favorites

GOD's TIMING: Evan Radach's Birth 

RELATIONSHIPS: 4 Stories from 2015 Event
MALE MODEL of 4US Gear: Keith Mack
FEMALE MODEL: Steve Robinson

  • Event: "I cried like a baby deer whose mother had just been shot."  
    • Matt Allore following the 2015 "Luma Miracle"
  • Viewer response to this promo video being posted to Tacoma News Tribune.
    • "You in the back: get yo' self some shame."
  • Survey feedback Q: What suffering caused you to dig deep, persevere?
    • "Taco Bell"
  •  One word answer to any problem: "Hallelujah!"

We wanna hear from you!
Use the action box below and share some of your favorite stories.  We'll post some of them to social media or our new 300 site when it launches.

In the meantime, over the next 10 weeks, I'm gonna roll out a road map that our leadership team has been working  on since the last of us shouted "Hallelulah" exactly one year ago.*

It will answer pressing questions like...

Who are The300? 
How do we fit in to the new 4US Adopt-a-Center model?
What is God calling us to do?
How will we do it?
Will it involve megaphones or unicorns?
Or both?

You'll be hearing from me at least once a week for the next few months.  
We're excited to hear from you, too! 

Love you,

                  DIEGO WENDT
                  Founder, 4US  /  The300 Lead Freak / Megaphone Afficianado

PS Do me one favor --- this is going out to 600 people.  I intend to read every response. Keep 'em pithy!

******12 WEEK SERIES ON The300 RISING*****
1. 365 Days Ago Today
2. Re-Membering The300
3. What Did You Do This Summer?
4. Who Are We?  (leadership staff and key helpers -- Johns Family, Nick Shelden)
5. Who Are You? (regional coordinators)
6. A Tour of Adopt-a-Center ("PRC = Orphans. Their pages tell their story. We want them all adopted. **Adoption = take on the full 4US goal -- usually 1/4 cost of a machine ~ 8-10K). 
7. Where do The300 Serve? (in your communities)
8. What Have We Done With the Suffering?! (We're working on it. We'll dole it out in small doses with "4USFest in a Box" --  already made warehouse team suffer -- 
9. Cool Tools for The300: Fundraising pages -- team pages -- event calandar ---
10. The300 Website -- Take a Tour
11. The300 Reborn -- The video
Share your favorite memories, pics, or quotes from The300!
On or before September 30th, you'll be able to click here to Join The300 2019 and create your fundraising page.
I don't know what to write here, since we don't have an event yet.  Though we may host a big reunion next spring.  We'll figure that out together.  :)
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