An intro to our core team -- shaping the future of The300.
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Last Sunday we asked you all to pray for Aaron Zeober's Monday morning brain surgery.

Here's the report we delivered to our 300 Heroes on our text thread and our private 300 Facebook Page:

To all of you who prayed -- thank you!
All honor, glory, and praise to Jesus Christ.

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The300: WHO ARE WE?

An Introduction to Our Core Team


Last week, I wrote: We've seen God's handiwork in action -- in our lives, at our mission trips, and in our ministry. All Honor and Glory to God -- but as we all know -- the reason you joined this mission is that we put prayer into action.  

Led by Jesus, we'll destroy the dark dragon of hopelessness that devours 3,000 lives per day to abortion...

***end of excerpt***

Who are these dragons?

The dragons still roam the earth, spreading darkness and devouring souls.
They inhabit a culture that says to a woman in crisis: "abortion is life."
They're manifest in a media that silences those defending life.
They thrive on desperation, deceit, and dollars.
Their lair? The clinics of Planned Parenthood.

Yet the dragons are fighting a losing battle.  Confronted every day in 2500+ pregnancy centers, women are choosing hope, choosing love, choosing LIFE.

These centers ELIMINATE FEAR.
Our ultrasound machines ILLUMINATE HOPE.

Who are the dragon slayers?  An army made up of:

  • Pregnancy Center Staff
  • Community Churches and Champions
  • Student Groups like Students for Life and FOCUS
  • Prayer Warriors: 40 Days 4 Life & sidewalk sounselors
  • Counselors from: Rachel's Vineyard and Project Gabriel
  • The Knights of Columbus 
  • and YOU
In the coming weeks I'm excited to tell you how we'll equip front line pregnancy centers with the power of ultrasound to save lives. But to know where we're going we have to first identify who we are.  This week -- we introduce our "core staff." 

We're no longer a group of 40 people that led the 4-day 300 Mission Trip.  

We're leaner. More focused. And ready to equip you to slay dragons.


That's it!  A pretty lean team that's been busting their humps for the last 13 months to build an amazing weapon to shine a light in the darkness: a life-saving dragon-slaying super-cool tool that will be in the hands of the most awesome prayer warriors I've ever met. 

Next week, we'll talk about who those heroes are and where that weapon will strike.

But for now, have a great weekend, Hallelujah Heroes!

Thanks be to God for Aaron's healing.
Thanks be to God for The300.

Love you,

                  DIEGO WENDT
                  Founder, 4US  /  The300 Lead Freak / Megaphone Afficianado

PS Do me a favor -- click on one or all of these people's names and send them a thank you for working hard in this "sabbath year" of The300 to build the foundation of The300 Reborn.  

******12 WEEK SERIES ON The300 RISING*****
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2. Re-Membering The300
3. Fallow Fields: What Did You Do This Summer?
4. Who Are We?
5. Who Are You?
6. A Tour of Adopt-a-Center 
7. Where do The300 Serve? 
8. What Have We Done With the Suffering?! 
9. Cool Tools for The300.
10. The300 Website -- Take a Tour
11. The300 Reborn -- The video
Tell me what you did this summer!
On or before September 30th, you'll be able to click here to Join The300 2019 and create your fundraising page.
I don't know what to write here, since we don't have an event yet.  Though we may host a big reunion next spring.  We'll figure that out together.  :)
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