Part 3 of our 12 week series to re-member, re-imagine, re-birth The300. 
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Fallow Field = Fertile Future

An Old Testament Lesson for Our Mission and Our Lives

The300 were born at the 2012 Rally. Starting with 51 heroes, over 6 years we grew to 300 members, hosted 6 massive events, helped raise over $1,000,000, and delivered 40 machines to centers across the US -- saving over 40,000 lives. 

Last week, we remembered what we did over those six wonderful and exhausting years.  Today, as summer ends and the school year begins for so many of us (students and parents alike) -- I'd like to hear what you did without The300.

“You shall sow your land for six years and gather in its yield, but on the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow..."
                                                      Exodus 23: 10-11a

Hey! We did that!  (Intentionally, no.)  But thank God (literally) that we did.  
Why does God ask to let our fields "rest" in the sabbath year?   

" that the needy of your people may eat; and whatever they leave the beast of the field may eat." Ex 23:11b

How does that apply to us?  I can't answer for you. My thoughts are...

Q: Who are the needy?
A: The 25 centers we're supporting this year thanks to a core-mission focus.

Q: Who are the beasts?
A: My children.  

Let me explain.  

For their entire lives, our kids haven't known a year without a massive pro-life 4US event. That meant we took our vacations at Spring Break or right after the event. None of those vacations were free from event planning, stress, and fatigue. This last summer, even as we were supporting centers throughout the US, our family found out how much we like each other when Mom & Dad & kids aren't stressed out.  

Here's what we did this summer...

We enjoyed Independence Day.

Danny and I went fishing in Alaska.

Kim picked on a little kid at Cannon Beach.

The boys learned how to lie (hold the fish close to the camera).

Kim and Lanie spent a lot of time on the water (away from the boys).

Lanie got her driver's license (so she can start driving the boys).

We partied with Nuns and donors while rep'ing 4US in Napa. 

We also got members of The300 to suffer at Napa. Here, Alejandro Canadas, 2-time 300 veteran from Maryland is up way past midnight helping us move our booth following our Friday Night 4US Pro-Life Kegger.  You're welcome, Alejandro!

The day after the Napa Conference at the end of July, I left for a month-long business trip to Istanbul.

On the same day we would have been reporting for The300 2020 -- I got my first ever Turkish straight razor shave.(see PS).

I just got back from Istanbul 2 days ago. Our kids start school tomorrow. We've never experienced a summer like this and it made me realize something I should've realized long ago: you people are crazy.  

All of you left idyllic summers in the Pacific Northwest to join The300?
Year after year? 

Sure, for some of you it was a few days.  But for most of you, it was way more than a few weekends. 

You suffered right alongside us,
for so long.

Thank you.  

How did you spend your time in this fallow field of a summer without The300?

Use the action box below and tell us what you did.  Was it rewarding?  Did you miss The300? What is the event's absence inspiring you to do?* (see PPS)

Here's what 300 veterans Cynthia Canadas (Alejandro's wife) and her daughter did this summer.  

You'll be hearing from me at least once a week for the next few months.  
We're excited to hear from you, too! 

Love you,

                  DIEGO WENDT
                  Founder, 4US  /  The300 Lead Freak / Megaphone Afficianado

PS I also got my nostrils waxed. Never knew that was even a thing. The dude just stuck a wax ball Q-tip up my schnoz before I could say anything. A few minutes and one big yank later -- I breathed cleaner than I ever have.
PPS Not sure I'll do it again. 
PPPS But if I do, I'll rotate that crop more than once every seven years.  
PPPPS This is going out to 600 people.  I intend to read every response. Keep 'em pithy!
PPPPPS I only got 2 responses to my "favorite 300 memories" request.  Both from the same family.  The poor girl's favorite memory had to do with being so exhausted she carried on a conversation in her tent with a potato chip.
PPPPPPPS Pray for that girl. 

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Tell me what you did this summer!
On or before September 30th, you'll be able to click here to Join The300 2019 and create your fundraising page.
I don't know what to write here, since we don't have an event yet.  Though we may host a big reunion next spring.  We'll figure that out together.  :)
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