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Mira's Newest Ambassadors - Bay Area Teens Empower Physically Challenged Youth as Part of Their Senior Project

Summer and Valerie, of The Bay School of San Francisco, recently emailed us about their hope to help students in need and their wish to team up with Mira.

As part of a graduation requirement, seniors at The Bay School design a project that reaches beyond the walls of their campus and into the community.  How far into the community?  How about Southeast Asia!?

They'll be fundraising over the next few months to purchase classroom supplies for Komar Pikar Foundatin - a Mira partner helping disabled children.  We know this unique opportunity will offer personal rewards and is guaranteed to lead down a fruitful career path as well.  

Thank you Summer and Valerie for your energy and initiative.  We'll be sure to keep everyone updated on the outcome of their efforts.

For information on how you can help Mira from your home, office, or school, email

We see Mira cannot always give as much as the big organizations. But, we see that you do what you can, and you come back, and you do it again. We are happy and thankful for Mira.  - Director, Khmer Youth and Social Development

Mira Proudly Welcomes New Partner -- Breaking Economic Barriers in Cambodia

Changing lives in Cambodia through educaiton with a focus on social and cultural integration is the mission of Mira's newest and 5th partner -- Seametrey.  Building on our successes with four organizations, helping over 500 students, and your growing generosity, we are delighted to announce Mira's latest collaboration.

Seametrey supports youth from eight months to 23 years old, and focuses on promoting education as a basic human right while offering up brilliant opportunities in the arts.  Keep an eye out for more information next month, but in the meantime, enjoy a brief clip on their great work carried out in Phnom Penh.

Seametrey Video

In joy for all you do,
Sara & the Mira Team



Project Update: Computer Literacy Learning Center, Parts 1 & 2

Throughout 2011, Mira's donors created new possibilities for over 100 children in a rural orphanage through the purchase of three computers and computer classes.  

That program's director reported that every child was able to get a baseline education.  He noted that especially living in a rural area, students who go on to start college are disadvantaged because of lacking exposure to physical computers, Microsoft Office, and tech terminology.

They look forward to applying for another Mira grant in order to begin instruction again in 2013.


Project Update: Resource Library for Students, Parents, and Teachers

Following the launch of a recent project focused on building and stocking a library for 42 students and their caregivers, our field partner began searching for suitable land to build on.  They have also put a call out for construction bids.  

Because of recent rains, building has not yet begun but as the dry season approaches toward year's end, stage one of construction is anticipated within the next few months.

Thank you supporters, fans, and donors for making everything possible.



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