August 23rd, 2019
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Smart factories: Can they lure the tech-savvy to their ranks? - Industrial Insights - PwC

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around the smart factory, or fourth industrial revolution (4IR) for some time. But, for an industry with a deep-seated reputation for hard skills that are generally physical and repetitive and highly specialized, how are manufacturers getting their workforce up to speed as they race into the worlds of artificial intelligence, learning robots, and the industrial internet of things? More »

How Smaller Cities Are Luring High-Tech Talent - WIRED

The irony of America’s tech-fueled brain drain is that the internet should have freed us from location-based employment and helped disperse high-skilled tech workers. More »

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Florida is a Money Market

As one of the top three finance and insurance clusters in the U.S., Florida offers everything companies need to thrive, including global connectivity, an experienced workforce of over 83,000 FINRA professionals, and a favorable business climate. So, it’s no wonder that more than 115 commercial banks and nearly 1,200 domestic insurance companies enjoy the freedom of operating in Florida. Because when you do the math, it all equals success.

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Missouri, Kansas governors agree to end economic border war - The Kansas City Star

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly on Tuesday celebrated what they said is an end to the longstanding economic border war and pledged to usher in a new era of cooperation between the two states, whose rivalry spans more than a century. More »

NJ lawmakers back idea of tax deal with border states - NJBIZ

Some top Democratic legislators are endorsing the notion of entering into a so-called tax break truce with New York and Pennsylvania to keep the neighboring states from using such incentives to poach businesses from one another. More »

Where's the Next Colombia? Site Selectors Seek Next Big Thing - Nearshore Americas

Ensuring sustainable English language support, good accent neutralization programmes, and the ability to offer great customer care across multiple channels are core criteria when it comes to site selection in the nearshore. More pressingly, though, is the question of the next big market. More »

From London to Singapore: How Netflix is Expanding Around the World - Hollywood Reporter

From sizable investments in studio facilities to high-end office spaces in some of the world's priciest neighborhoods, the company is quickly building a robust physical presence around the globe — and exporting its unique corporate culture in the process. More »

8 ways warehouse construction has evolved - Supply Chain Dive

The e-commerce revolution has had a major impact on the design and construction of supply chain facilities. Here are eight ways that these projects have transformed over the past few years. More »

Online retailers are transforming warehouse construction - Construction Dive

U.S. consumers’ zeal for nearly instantaneous access to groceries and other items has upended the design and construction of facilities like warehouses and distribution centers More »

How a rural Virginian town is using entrepreneurship to boost its local economy

America’s unequal geography of opportunity is widening: big, dense metropolitan areas are leading the way in employment and wage growth, job density, and prosperity, as many small towns and rural areas are still struggling to recover from the Great Recession. More »

Skills and opportunity pathways: Building an inclusive workforce for the future - Brookings

Artificial intelligence and emerging technologies have enabled automation to scale and pose legitimate workforce threats. However, these innovations are creating new jobs and recreating old ones that together shape the building blocks of a future workforce. More »

Are Companies About to Have a Gen X Retention Problem? - Harvard Business Review

Generation X, represented by cultural icons such as Molly Ringwald, Kurt Cobain, and Alanis Morissette, was long ago written off as the “slacker generation” — apathetic, cynical, and antiestablishment. More »

Tech Companies Grow in Canada for High-Skilled Foreign Workers - Time

In the fractious battle over immigration policy, most of the attention has been directed at apprehending migrants at the southern border. Some tech executives and economists, however, believe that growing delays and backlogs for permits for skilled workers at America’s other borders pose a more significant challenge to the U.S.’s standing as a wealth-creating start-up mecca. More »

Fix Your Eyes on the (B2B eCommerce) Prize - Cushman & Wakefield Blog

To some, shopping in-store may seem as outdated as spending Friday night scouring the shelves of a video store. And while many luddites still see a benefit in hand-picking their groceries or physically trying on a pair of new sneakers, it’s impossible to ignore or deny the explosion of eCommerce in recent years. More »

Can Generation Z Save Manufacturing from the ‘Silver Tsunami’? - IndustryWeek

One-third (32%) of Gen Z has had manufacturing suggested to them as a career option, as compared to only 18% of Millennials and 13% of the general population. More »

Scoring Tech Talent in North America 2019 - CBRE

More than 6 million highly skilled workers across the U.S. and Canada comprise the tech talent that is leading global innovation. Shrinking availability of tech talent in leading markets has spurred a spillover of hiring momentum in smaller and upstart markets in the U.S. and Canada as expanding tech employers seek additional labor pools. More »

Relativity Space Spends US$59M On Massive 3D Printer Farm -

Relativity Space has signed a deal with NASA to develop a rocket-printing factory. More »

How to become a (strategic) fourth industrial revolutionary - PwC

Manufacturers are adopting a portfolio of technologies powering 4IR and, as costs for these types of technology fall (and their capabilities and power rise), there’s a belief within the industry that they’ll continue to be increasingly implemented on shop floors across the world. But, as with any new disruptive technology, making it work is easier said than done. More »

2018 Manufacturing Skills Gap Study - Deloitte US

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the world of work through artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, automation, analytics, and the Internet of Things. Despite common fears, these technologies are likely to create more jobs than they replace—as illustrated by the tight labor conditions in the US and global manufacturing industry. More »

Report highlights changing geographical trends in U.S. manufacturing - SSTI

A recent report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) details the changes in manufacturing’s geographic concentration across the country between 1940 and 2016. More »

Ikea is closing its only U.S. factory - FastCompany

That implies that it’s more expensive to make furniture in the United States than it is to make it in Europe and then pay to ship it across the Atlantic. Ikea says that the cost of raw materials in the United States is too high to justify the plant, when the same products can be made in Europe for a fraction of the price. More »

Future of work in America - McKinsey

The health of local economies today will affect their ability to adapt and thrive in the automation age. More »

Why Midsize Cities Struggle to Catch Up to Superstar Cities - The New York Times

For decades, smaller metropolitan areas closed the income gap with bigger, richer ones, but no longer. So places like Winston-Salem, N.C., are trying to lay a new foundation for prosperity. More »

Manufacturers Move Supply Chains Out of China - WSJ

Tariff costs prompt executives to shift production to other countries; ‘Once you move, you don’t go back’ More »

Wisconsin seeing more investment, outside money -

Money from afar is finding its way into Wisconsin deals with promising technologies, products and ideas. More »

U.S. Wind Farms Have Trouble Connecting to Cities - Bloomberg

After including U.S. tax subsidies, the cost of building wind capacity is often lower than the marginal cost of generating electricity with existing coal-powered plants. Thus wind energy now offers great opportunities for lowering carbon-dioxide emissions. But a surprisingly difficult challenge remains: how to move the wind energy from the places where it is produced — often remote areas — to the population centers where it is needed. More »

The new company towns - strategy+business

Cash handouts and high-speed Internet are attracting people to unlikely places now that remote working is on the rise. More »

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